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No matter what part of the world you are in, no matter which business you are in, e-GSS will help you make the right connection through its huge database of trusted talent.

Recruiting Registered And Highly Skilled Medical Practitioners and Nurses

We recruit reliable and qualified healthcare staff who can address your requirements and take care of your medical needs.

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Our Advantages

Why We Are Most Sought- After?

Why let your business suffer due to a lack of proficient talent? At EGSS, priority is laid on procuring the best talent to meet all your business requirements, without you having to worry about filling mandates. You will every amount of strategic advantages, right away and won’t have to look back ever. Because by choosing us, you are towards a path of ever-lasting growth and incredible changes for your business organization.

  • We provide cost-effective solutions that increase our client’s profits by saving on Infrastructure, training, and management of specialist recruiters. Our RPO services allow you to cut down on operational overheads
  • We have a team of experienced and highly-skilled recruitment professionals who work as the extended team of our client’s process driving results towards a shared purpose. 
  • With the help of our end-to-end recruitment services and a team of expert professionals, we minimize the risks of inefficient hiring and prevent the costs of low talent retention through proper screening and talent management.
  • We make use of robust RPO technologies for scouting and hiring the best talents across the spectrum. We combine human ingenuity with cutting edge technologies while interviewing and recruiting the candidates.
  • We have the access to premium job portals and provide unlimited 24/7 sourcing benefits to our clients. We have our own candidate database that gives us an edge over other RPOs. 
  • Our dedicated account managers provide effective client support for the entire recruitment life cycle, from candidate scouting to post-hiring formalities. Additionally, they also provide logistical and relationship management services for the clients.


Our Happy Clients

“EGSS does wonders. Their recruitment specialists are intelligent and understanding. They offer great solutions for any medium to enterprise- level organizations.”

- Amy Harris

“We have been using the e-GSS’s RPO services for some time now for most of our offline recruitment needs. They not only have a rich database of credible talent but also stand out in terms of cost-effectiveness.”

- William Logan

“EGSS has helped set up my entire marketing team in a span of just 2 months. They have taken care of everything, right from the interview scheduling to final documentation of the candidates.”

- Mike

What We Offer

Our Exclusive Services

At the heart of our working criteria, lies four broad categories of scalable RPO services, each one meticulously tailored to meet your business’s remote needs. We enhance your recruitment process in a way that it derives impressive results in no time.