10 Top RPO Companies in India in 2022


Recruitment process outsourcing is one of the unique ways to hire skilled candidates. Performing recruitment is not an easy task, and you have to take out the best among hundreds or thousands of candidates. RPO agencies can help you out in a more professional and structured way. This strategy allows the company to hire candidates faster and per their requirements. Several firms hire RPO companies to recruit candidates; some large companies have their own RPO divisions. Several top RPO companies in India hire for other organizations. 

Today, it is essential to hire suitable candidates who can give 100% for a company’s growth. To hire the best candidate, the company can work with several staffing agencies as they always ensure an effective outcome. Top RPO companies in India are in demand as they have experienced recruiters to fulfill the requirement of the candidates. This gives the right candidate and helps to increase the employment brand. These companies offer high talent acquisition services and provide the best result. RPO firms perform deep research, analyze each factor and provide the best candidate to their client. Hiring top RPO companies in India decreases 50% of the organization's effort, money, and time. 

RPO is when a company provides all or part of its recruitment process to an agency. The placement firm hires candidates for the organization. They track the record of all previous and new job candidates for faster hiring of candidates. Each top companies in India have its own talent pool or talent pipeline of job candidates with their skills in various fields. The company takes the entire HR responsibilities of the organization.

Benefits of RPO in India

There are several benefits of having the RPO in India. When choosing any RPO services, one must look at the working process of that RPO division. They must understand the values and culture of the company. Whether looking to hire an RPO company or expand your RPO division, there are several benefits. The main benefits of hiring the top RPO companies in India are listed below.

  • Faster recruitment
  • Quality hiring 
  • Saves time 
  • Better research 
  • Consistency 
  • Expert recruiters
  • Reduced recruitment cost

Top RPO Companies in India

Sutra HR

A suitable place to hire tech talents for digital products, tech startups, digital marketing agencies, etc. They hire candidates for JAVA programmers, back-end developers, QA engineers, Data scientists, Etc. They also do non-tech hiring for HR managers, UI/UX designers, Etc. 

E-Global Soft Services

The company provides a cost-effective RPO solution to its clients. It offers 27*7 unlimited sourcing and recruitment of candidates. This professional agency provides UK staffing, US staffing, and Asia-Pacific recruitment services and support. It applies a solid strategy to hire candidates and deliver long-term results. The company carries its database of talented candidates and offers high-quality service. It is among the top RPO companies in India to deliver quality services. 

Kites Consulting

It offers flexible recruitment solutions as per clients' requirements. They deeply analyze the need of the client and hire the best talent. It offers affordable and high-quality recruitment to their client. The company offers SAP recruiter, JAVA recruiter, contract recruiter, Etc.

Global Hunt

A renowned recruitment company hires candidates in different verticals. It offers executive search, RPO, project-based hiring, and middle management hiring. The company has a global presence in several parts of the world. 

Manpower Group

Offers innovative requirement solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises. The company's expertise in both domestic and off-shore hiring of candidates. Fulfills all the candidate requirements on time without degrading the quality of the recruitment. The company is dedicated to its work and has trusted clients. 

V3 Staffing

An RPO company has its headquarters in Hyderabad; has its clients from different parts of the nation. They offer permanent and temporary recruitment, executive search, and RPO services. Hire candidates for multiple verticals like IT, banking, infrastructure, automobile, engineering, Etc.

ABC Consultancy

The company has its own RPO division, Flexibility, one of the best companies to provide RPO services. The company performs each step of the recruitment process to hire the best candidates for their clients. They even research and perform talent mapping to find experienced candidates. The company is listed among the top RPO companies in India

Seeking Talent

A professional recruitment company specializing in staffing for small or big companies. A genuinely motivated staffing agency that promises to offer high-quality services to their client. The company is known among the Top RPO companies in India and has a global presence in Austria and a head office in Melbourne. 

TDS group

A leading company expert in recruitment process outsourcing. The placement agency with 22 years of experience hiring candidates of different verticals. The company has its Offices in Mohali and Delhi and covers businesses like FMCG, shipping, chemicals, Etc. Follows the latest trend or strategy to source and hire candidates. 


An expert placement agency based in Bangalore to hire domestic and global candidates. They hire for all startups and large enterprises and fulfill their requirement. They deliver the best to their client, whatever the need is, and offers high-quality talent acquisition. It serves many top companies in the world and gives remarkable outcomes. CareerNet has a large number of trusted clients providing quality services to them. 


Whether it is a domestic company or a multinational, each requires the best talent for its organization. Today, businesses know how important it is to hire the best employee for the organization's positive growth. To hire the right candidate, recruitment is the crucial part here. The recruitment process carries several steps that take time and need an expert recruiter. Hiring the RPO agency helps the company provide the candidate according to their requirements. The recruitment process outsourcing company carries out each step of the recruitment, like sourcing, screening, and interviewing for your organization. The article can find the top RPO companies in India and choose the firm according to their suitability.