6 Ways in Which an RPO Can Enhance Candidate Experience


Recruitment Process Outsourcing provides a two-way opportunity for both recruiter and candidate to get to know each other in a business-friendly manner so as to ensure a credible candidate experience. As the recruitment industry has undergone many changes in the past few years, recruiters are able to create a friendly environment for the candidate, keeping in mind their needs and wants.

As per studies conducted on how recruitment agencies impact candidate experience, it has been revealed that candidates choose their workplace not just based on salary and other related benefits but based on their experience. This term refers to the candidate’s experience of the organization’s recruitment procedure.

While n the long run, it is never about a single candidate, yet recruitments agencies must adapt to the changing job scenario, whereby focus should be given more on empathy and responsiveness. A candidate can take the help of job review websites where present employees can field their reviews about the company. One negative review can ruin your organization’s chances of hiring the best talent. Therefore, it is imperative that recruitment agencies are able to enhance candidate experience in the best manner possible.

  • Website Optimization
    A candidate will first visit your company’s website to know more details about the company. Your company website should be updated on a regular basis besides making use of enlightening and relevant content such as employee branding and value proportions.
  • Make use of a clearly-defined description
    Candidates are always on the lookout for new job opportunities and what attracts them towards a particular job more is how accurate and clear-cut the job description spells out. They are also interested in knowing the company values, salary and perks besides the qualification to be met.
  • Easy Application Procedure Candidates fill so many applications all day that they don’t have the time to undergo tedious application procedure. Make sure the whole application process is smooth and simple, inviting confident and passive job seekers to derive great benefits. Make the whole process comprehensive and compact.
  • Transparency
    Being transparent in the recruitment process will fetch you more number of talented candidates as candidates are happier if the hiring managers state the hiring process for them at the beginning of the interview itself. Make sure that the entire process is fully explained.
  • Improving Communication skills
    Make sure that during the recruitment process, recruiters are able to communicate more openly with the candidates about their application and interview status, giving room for candidates to feel more comfortable in their presence. Because no candidate likes to be ghosted after they sit for interview.
  • Highlight your company culture
    A candidate is more interested in knowing about the company culture and its working environment. As a hiring manager, you should be able to highlight the same as then only a candidate will make his/her mind to work in your organization.