9 Proven Tips For Recruiting Interns Into Your Business


Interns are the best way for any firm so they can filter some great and potential candidates out there. Recruiting interns can also help you in order to build the reputation of your firm. Are you willing to recruit interns into your business? If yes, then it will tell the community that your firm is open to trying out individuals even who have not yet earned their degrees. Recruiting interns builds trust among job seekers who are freshers. Applicants will feel grateful because they would gain some experience from your firm to grow and start their careers in a better way. Recruiting interns is a great way in order to fulfill your short-term goals. This helps in improving your brand value. In this blog, I will be proving to you the complete list of tips that recruiting leaders or hiring managers should use while recruiting interns into their business. Thus, the following are some steps to recruiting interns.

Tip 1: Maintain A Proper List Of Skills While Recruiting Interns 

While recruiting interns for a job in your firm, you would have to train them for at least the next six months. This way, they will be able to fit in your firm. When you hire an intern directly, you recruit them for a particular set of skills. For example, they directly start working on the particular subject you hire them for. Candidates can be instructed by time to complete their tasks within a certain time period. This way, maintaining a proper list of skills is very important. This is the most important part of the whole process when you are planning to recruit interns.

Tip 2: Figure Out Your Budget For Recruiting Interns

Recruiting interns is not a cup of tea for any firm. When a small firm starts recruiting interns, they might find that hiring an intern might be costlier for the firm than hiring an employee. 

Most firms see unpaid internships as elitist. They say that not all kinds of work should be rewarded. According to the laws, if unpaid internships were deemed illegal, there can be only one reason. It can be because rules and regulations are not followed properly.

Tip 3: Consider The Most Common Objectives Of Recruiting Interns 

You should make a proper list that contains specific goals or benefits that you are supposed to see via an entire internship program. For example, you might wish to show your firm as an industry leader, or you are recruiting interns as one of your recruitment plans. You might wish to recruit interns in order to assist you throughout your peak period. As a potential recruiter, you need to consider the unique benefits your firm can get by recruiting interns. It can leverage you by raising your brand awareness and expanding your market reach.

Tip 4: Pay Attention To The Labor Regulations When It Comes To Recruiting Interns

Do not forget to follow all the legal regulations regarding the internship process as well as recruiting interns. In most cases, recruiting interns within a private or for-profit firm and not paying them is illegal. Likewise, if your firm follows the particular needs, you might be excused from giving paid internship. It is not a bad idea to do some studies in order to figure out which category your firm is in. this way, you will be able to follow the best practices for recruiting interns.

Tip 5: Find Out Academic Institutes That Train Those Interns  

First of all, the firm decides which subject or skills matter in order for recruiting interns. After this, they will start looking ahead so that they can hire candidates who have those particular skill sets. For example, if your firm is looking to hire a marketing intern, you should start looking for an institute that provides marketing programs. The above-said situation would be true enough even for an intern in your medical institute. For example, you should look for the institutes that must be officially recognized and given authority so that they can provide accurate training in the medical field. You should directly contact the institute. These institutes can give you helpful information about specific students who can excel in the field you are basically looking for. In addition, this helps to set up the internship program that both parties would be able to benefit from. So, now you know how academic institutes can help if you are planning for recruiting interns to your firm.

Tip 6: Do Not Forget To Advertise The Specific Role While Recruiting Interns

Rather than academic institutes, recruiting leaders or hiring managers can find interns via various job boards such as Internshala; indeed, LinkedIn, etc. The main purpose of most job boards is to work towards providing job placements to the applicants. You might have seen some of the universities have their own career centers and placement cells. It is highly important to advertise your internships in the right way in order for recruiting interns. A few job portals and placement cells are well known as a great place where you can easily advertise your internships. This way, advertising your particular internship role can be beneficial if you are planning for recruiting interns

Tip 7: Choose The Option Of Five To Six Months Of Internship 

If you are recruiting interns to your business, they will take some time to fit in. they will take time to get to know about your company culture and get familiar and comfortable with the work. So, as a potential recruiter, when you are planning for recruiting interns. It is important to consider this time frame. This way, you will be able to build the entire internship structure. Instead of providing internships for a few weeks, it is better to expand this certain period of time. It would be beneficial if you provided an internship that lasted at least a few months. This way, an intern can easily and totally understand the work and provides a great insight into the candidate to the firm. This way, the firm can figure out their potential so that they can choose for recruiting interns as a full-time employee in the future.

Tip 8: Make A Proper Process To Evaluate Interns

As a potential recruiting leader or hiring manager, suppose you are recruiting interns into your business. But you need to spend your time thinking about how you will set up a proper system in order to figure out the intern's work performance and output. You might add several ways to implement goals that can improve the overall hiring process. You may also add other methods that assist interns in their growing careers. This way, if you are planning for recruiting interns into your business, you need to make a proper process in order to evaluate interns.

Tip 9: Do Not Forget To Prepare A Specific Project

When you go for recruiting interns for your firm, you have to take care of many things. Before offering an internship to the candidate, you need to make sure that you are planning the entire internship process step-by-step. You should assign a specific project or a task for interns to work on. This way, those candidates will experience a wide scope of learning. And you will also be prepared for interns to join the office. This process is well known to save a lot of time. Otherwise, this time would be wasted if the whole process of recruiting interns is not well planned. Also, the firm should assign a senior who can guide the interns during their projects. This way, the process brings out the best results from the intern’s work.

Final Thoughts On Recruiting Interns 

Recruiting interns is great and good for both your employer's branding and hiring plans. As a potential recruiting leader or a hiring manager, you should figure out needs while recruiting interns. Also, you must know how you can create a system for recruiting interns who give value to your company. Are you thinking to get the best outcome from an internship? So, for this, your firm must make training and development a priority. This will not only help the particular intern but also help the entire firm by growing it day by day. You just need to keep the above tips in your mind. This way, you will get to know how you can easily update your internship program. I hope this overall blog helped you in the best way and got succeeded to make you understand all the tips if you are planning for recruiting interns. For more information, you may simply visit the website - E Global Soft Services.

Following are some of the ways that you can use for recruiting interns:

  • Use College Job Portals and Career Centers.
  • Connect on Social Media.
  • Have a Presence on Internship Websites.
  • Boost Referrals.
  • Get Their Attention with HR Tech.

The following points are the complete list of the benefits of hiring interns into the firm:

  • Establish a relationship with the college and university.
  • Bring in fresh perspectives.
  • Enhance the supervisory skills of your staff.
  • Create company visibility.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Develop student/graduate skill sets.
  • Cut down on recruitment costs.

Startups are a great place for interns because they can gain a wide amount of experience and undergo the entire training process. Working for a company that does not have a brand name might probably leave you in a moment of doubt. Even the non-existing pay may be a turn-off, but the experience you gain in a startup company is usually worth much more.

Generally, it might be tough trying to figure out which option among startups and MNC is the better option for you to start your first internship. The best thing you should do is to take a step back and start drawing up a table of your own aspects and identity.

  • First of all, Think about your style and work ethic. Ask yourself - do you work better independently, or are you comfortable working with a team?
  • Secondly, think about your personality. If you are the one who is always ready for the most challenges and tasks are thrown your way, perhaps a startup company is a better option for you. But if you enjoy following tasks and working on a fixed timeline, an internship in an MNC might be suitable for you.

The benefits of hiring interns involves providing employees with a new perspective on organizational problems. Interns bring new as well as fresh ideas to your business. Also, they challenge how you have traditionally done all the things. A supportive, strong, and experienced internship manager can help your firm find the best interns.