A Complete Guide To Digital Hiring [+5 Ways To Enhance It]


The recruitment industry is still developing. But it has changed itself from traditional recruitment methods to digital hiring methods. The top candidates present in the market have many options to grow. There are plenty of firms that can give accurate salaries, growth along with work-life balance, and much more. Therefore, now it is tougher for recruiters or hiring managers to attract candidates for their firm. So, this is the right time to adopt the digital hiring process into your firm. All you have to do is to read this entire blog till the end to know why digital hiring needs time.

What is Digital Hiring?

You must know that digital hiring is one step ahead of other recruitment methods. Digital hiring means you, as a recruiter taking technical help in order to simplify your recruitment process. Digital hiring ranges from posting vacant job roles on career pages of the business website to using social media. In addition, it also includes mobile recruiting, AI, and chatbots in order to find candidates and more.

Recruiting top talent is now getting easy for recruiters or HR managers. Because digital hiring fulfills the recruitment process by finding, analyzing, selecting, and then hiring them for the firm. The best and most suitable example of digital hiring is the social recruitment process. A recruiter can leverage multiple social media platforms in order to find the accurate fit for their firm.

Top Benefits Of Digital Hiring Over Other Recruitment Methods

Now that you know what digital hiring is, this is the time to learn a few top benefits of using digital hiring in order to recruit top candidates to your firm.

Benefit 1: You Recruit A Qualified Candidate

If you have exposure as well as efficiency, you will easily get a better candidate for your firm. You add top candidates to your firm that you feel are helpful for growth in the long run. As a recruiter or a hiring manager, you may easily satisfy your client by delivering them as best candidates you can.

Benefit 2: Reduce Costs In The Long Run

You might have seen most firms switch to digital hiring because this method is more affordable than other recruitment methods in order to find skilled and qualified candidates. The digital hiring process includes promoting the job, looking for the candidate, interviewing them, and then onboarding them in the end. All these factors are also present in other recruitment processes, but they take quite a bit of time to finish. Also, recruiters face never-ending costs in the long run.

Therefore, digital hiring helps in reducing the company's costs.

Benefit 3: Improves Expertise

Digital hiring helps HR managers or recruiters to manage candidates easily. Therefore, recruiters do not have to filter down top resumes among hundreds. You will be happy to know that there are a lot of digital hiring tools present in the market. These tools do all the tasks themselves. This way, it frees up the recruiter's time so that they can do other important tasks.

Benefit 4: Best Candidate Experience

Digital hiring is the best option for the younger generation. It helps in improving the candidate experience. This way, it will be easy for them to get engaged with the brand. Through digital hiring, the candidate will get proper feedback at every stage of the process. Therefore, the recruitment process will be faster.

Benefit 5: Wonderful Exposure

One of the amazing benefits of digital hiring is it helps the recruiters or hiring managers find multiple relevant candidates in a short time. Gone are those days when the HR managers or recruiters were using newspapers or bulletin boards for several vacant job postings. Now, LinkedIn and other social media platforms have replaced the newspaper. And, relevant online social groups have replaced bulletin boards. This way, now you know how easy it is to find the right candidate with just one click.

Top 5 Ways To Enhance The Digital Hiring Process

Now, let's delve into the top 5 ways that help you to enhance your overall digital hiring process. Continue reading below in order to know each tip with a detailed explanation.

Tip 1: Social Media Recruitment 

We know that in this digital working era, some experts live most of their lives online. If you keep being active on the right digital channel, then you will be able to put your firm in the orbit where most of the candidates are already available. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the best resources for digital hiring. These social media handles help in order to draw a large number of skilled candidates to your firm. Reaching out on these platforms can make you feel more natural. Also, this will help your team to build personal bonding with such low pressure. This process is 100% opposed to emailing and calling. 

In the social media recruiting process, you need to send direct messages on Facebook. Also, it includes tweeting links to several open job roles, relevant hashtags in order to build long-term cohesion, and many more.

Tip 2: Digital Interviewing

To understand digital interviews in the digital hiring process, you must know that a digital interview can be described as an online interview. In the digital interview process, candidates chat live via a webcam with an employer or someone in the human resources team. Then, they 

record themselves answering questions all the interview questions. After that, a hiring team would review later those answers at their convenience.

Generally, a question will appear on an applicant's screen. They will have time to think about their answer before recording it. Sometimes firms prerecord their interview questions rather than showing text on the screen. This way, sometimes, this interview style feels more comfortable.

Tip 3: Mobile-Friendly Career Sites

According to recent studies, it was found that more than 85% use their mobile phones during their job search. So, now it is more important for business owners to build a mobile-friendly website. This way, employers will be able to capture all the interested candidates as soon as possible. Your mobile-friendly website should contain features like the "Apply" button in a bright color so that it would be easy to find. You should think about cutting down on any graphics or photos your website may have on the top or bottom of the page as well because long pages will only deter job applicants and will make them feel bored.

Tip 4: Give Your Feedback!

Most job seekers today are facing the term "resume black hole." this term refers to the disappointment from an employer's side into which several job applications tend to fail. You must know that more than 50% of applicants never hear back after submitting their job applications. This may erode your employer's brand over time because multiple candidates take to the internet to share their grievances. Feedback can take many forms, large as well as small, but regardless it is an important feature of the digital hiring process and is made easy by lots of digital tools available today. You might have heard that something is better than nothing, even if it's a short email confirmation that an application has been received or is pending review.

Apart from providing direct feedback to each candidate after they complete a digital assessment or interview process is sometimes impossible. You may use several digital tools that automate feedback in a highly well-managed way.

Tip 5: Ask For Feedback

The digital world is ever-evolving and new to all of us. That is why collecting feedback from candidates is important to maintain an enjoyable digital hiring process. This process can be done with a maximum of five short & sweet questions that you want to ask candidates about your firm or services. Make sure to indicate that you value their feedback. And, you will surely be going to take those feedback into serious consideration going forward.

Once you have different opinions to analyze yourself, you will be able to identify the key trends. This way, you can refine your plans accordingly. You must remember that even a small change to the candidate's experience or feedback can make a huge and positive impact as well. This is how feedback plays a very important role in enhancing your digital hiring process in an effective way.

Final Words

Digital hiring is the best way, or we can say, the best path to advanced hiring. It has the power to make the hiring process faster and more efficient. In order to make your entire recruiting process more meaningful, make sure you have digital hiring at your place. You must know that digital hiring is one of the best methods in order to get the best candidates. Nowadays, multiple types of skill tests have replaced the need for candidates' resumes. And that's true. There is no need to waste your time reading and analyzing hundreds of resumes when a candidate can virtually showcase their skills to the employer.

A process of digital hiring can be explained as a way of using technology for sourcing, assessing, attracting, selecting, and hiring candidates for vacant job positions. It includes everything such as career websites, leveraging job boards, recruiting through mobile, social hiring, and online assessments.

Digital hiring is the way of advanced recruitment. It makes the hiring process quicker and more efficient. Make sure to adapt digital hiring if you wish the whole process to be more meaningful for the candidates.

Following points are considered as top benefits of digital hiring:

  • It's cost-effective.
  • It's immediate. 
  • It's flexible.
  • It's durable.
  • You can reach a bigger audience.
  • It's easy. 
  • You can make your job ad more dynamic.
  • It's accessible.

Traditional hiring process is known as the consequent batch process. On the other hand, the digital hiring process can be described as an online as well as a regular process in which all tasks of hiring a particular candidate are performed concurrently.

One of the biggest advantages of online recruitment is that it is more cost-effective than traditional hiring methods. The digital hiring method allows employers so they can reach a larger pool of candidates. And at the same time, it helps in shortening the entire hiring process.