A Complete Guide To Smart Recruitment Goals In 2022


As we are now in the new decade, this is the time to make some changes in the recruitment approach. We can change our hiring approach by adopting smart recruitment goals. If firms set smart recruitment goals, they will be able to discover the top talent and hire suitable & fitted candidates for the company. Do you want to improve your firm's outcome as a potential recruiter? Then you need to set smart & actionable recruitment goals. You need to constantly track your efforts and always adopt new plans. In this complete guide, you will be learning how you should properly set your recruitment goals.

S.M.A.R.T Recruitment Goals: Introduction 

When it comes to smart recruitment goals, then it is time to upgrade it. S.M.A.R.T. recruitment stands for specific, measurable, achievable, reasonable, and time-based.

S (Specific): what do you wish to achieve?

M (Measurable): how will you get to know when you have achieved it?

A (Achievable):  Ensure you have the correct resources in order to achieve your goal. 

R (Reasonable): you need to figure out if your goal is worth the effort and time. 

T (Time Based): build a timeframe to stay on a particular track

This entire blog is all about recruitment goals that recruiters or hiring managers should count on in the best ways in order to improve the recruitment approach and expand the additional value.

Top Smart Recruitment Goals In 2022

This year, your smart recruitment goals can increase your job post's response rate. So, here I am going to explain the following tips & tricks so you may achieve your recruitment goals. 

Tip 1: Clarify The Quality Of Hire

Clarifying the quality of hire should be one of your primary recruitment goals this year. As a potential recruiter or hiring manager, you always wish to hire a candidate that would 100 percent bring value to your company. Also, they are supposed to adopt the firm culture. You might consider the recruitment process as an ordinary and easy task. But when you actually start doing it, you will know over time that finding the top talent is a quite tricky task. Therefore, you should start asking interview screening questions in order to filter out your candidates. This way, you will get the highest matching resumes of the applicants for the open job positions. This actually refines the quality of hire. 

Tip 2: Quicken Your Hiring Process

There are simply two reasons to work on speeding up your entire hiring process. These reasons make it one of the smart recruitment goals for 2022. Firstly, you just want a candidate that would start the job in your firm and get work done. And secondly, if a vacant job position is open for too long, it might seem suspicious to the applicants. As a result, they might not apply for that particular job position even if they fit perfectly for the position. To avoid delays in the hiring process, you should adopt smart recruitment goals. You may post a vacant job position with the skills that you need. This way, more candidates will start applying for the position. 

Tip 3: Social Media Networking

Networking and socializing are some of the best and smart ways to improve your recruitment goals. Being a reason, this is also on the list of recruitment goals. Networking on social media platforms creates the image of your brand that behaves as proof that your firm is reliable and genuine. This helps in attracting more talent to your firm. You can also use recruitment tools along with your social media handles in order to reach a wider range of people. This way, you can always stay organized during the entire hiring process.

Tip 4: Level Up Your Hiring Marketing Efforts

Raising your recruitment marketing efforts and plans is one of the smart recruitment goals. Recruitment is not a process that can be done in two days. It is about the plans that a firm should remember all year round, even when they are not hiring. Your recruitment marketing plans should be on the list of your recruitment goals. So, the hiring plans include many things, such as you need to create a brand image for your firm. You have to invest in accurate recruitment tools. You need to regularly attend recruitment events. And constantly try to make connections. This way, you will be able to make your overall recruitment process smooth and even more fruitful. 

Tip 5: Lower New Hire Failure Rates 

Reducing new hire failure rates is one of the concerning and smart recruitment goals. As a potential recruiter, you should focus on it to enhance your overall recruitment process. Suppose you have hired a candidate and they already have experience with your firm. Then this would be the best person to be a part of your firm than hiring any new candidate. In addition, you have to train your entire new staff so that they can adjust to your firm culture. 

Tip 6: Determine The Hiring Cost (cost-per-hire)

Cost-per-hire is one of the smart and effective recruitment goals. Cost-per-hire defines the success rate of your business. That is why this topic is also included in recruitment goals. Cost-per-hire refers to the money spent by the employer for hiring a single candidate. As a potential recruiter, you need to figure out the cost-per-hire. This way, you will be able to maintain and track the overall hiring costs. By calculating cost-per-hire, you will be able to optimize your current hiring process and make a better decision with the minimum amount. Hence, do not forget to set this point into your list of recruitment goals

Tip 7: Enhance The Employer Brand Value

In recent years, the importance of an employer's brand identified by the hiring staff. This is one of the effective as well as smart recruitment goals. The high brand value is well known in order to provide you plenty of benefits to the firm. That is why we consider this point as one of the smart recruitment goals. More than 70 percent of hiring managers and recruiting leaders globally accepted that the employer brand probably has a huge impact on the entire hiring process. Basically, employer branding is like an image as well as the reputation of the firm that is completely visible to the candidates or job seekers. Hence, for the outstanding result of the recruitment process in 2022, the firm should pay attention to employer branding.

Tip 8: Set Up A Talent Community 

Setting up a talent community is also one of the smart recruitment goals. The talent community refers to a group of similar candidates based on different criteria. Different criteria can be skills, background, gender, qualifications, experience, age, and so on. As a potential recruiting leader or a hiring manager, you also want to fill the open job position. But you also wish to hire a candidate in such a less time without sacrificing the quality. That is why recruiters need to build and update the talent community. For a single vacant job position, the recruiter's number of applications, but not everybody can extend the chance. In that case, the firm can store that candidate in the visual pipeline for future job roles. This point should be included in the list of smart recruitment goals. The candidate source enables employers so they can fill the vacant job role faster and reduce hiring costs. 

Tip 9: Turn Over-Rate

Turnover basically is a natural process in employee life. The firm faces turnover, but a higher turnover rate must be considered a concerning topic. That is why it is included in the checklist of smart recruitment goals. The recruiting agency should calculate the turnover rate in order to form a talent pipeline arising any open position. Firstly, you have to analyze the turnover rate. Then you will be able to build different kinds of improvements for the hiring process. Finding and calculating the turnover rate in your recruitment process is a good practice. That is why this is included in the list of recruitment goals

Final Words

Setting these above-mentioned recruitment goals is going to help your firm in a better way. These goals help in order to increase your firm's offer acceptance rate. This way, you can be able to strengthen your employer branding among the audience. Adopting and planning recruitment goals would be very beneficial for your recruitment process. This will also help you in order to gain good hire. And above steps will also help in making lots of improvements in your firm by adding great value. I have mentioned all the major tips and tricks that you must know as a potential recruiting leader or a hiring manager. I hope this blog has helped you in the way that you expected. For more information in this regard, you may have to visit our website - E Global Soft Services.

Following are some of the recruitment goals that should be tried by recruiting leaders in order to enhance the overall hiring process:

  • Improve job descriptions.
  • Look for highly qualified candidates.
  • Increase recruitment efforts.
  • Assist new hires more.
  • Simplify the recruiting process.
  • Update your company website. 
  • Expand your network.
  • Lower the cost-per-hire.

S.M.A.R.T. Recruitment Goals stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, and Time-Based.

one of the most common recruitment goals and objectives of any firm is to hire the most qualified and skillful candidates. But most have other goals in order to meet in their hiring processes, as well. Nowadays, recruitment goals have shifted to consider applicants' needs more heavily.

following are the proven ways that should be adopted by the recruiting leaders to attract the candidates in 2022:

  • First of all, you have to start with creating a D.E.I. tech stack 
  • Now, you need to create clear, inclusive, and high-intent job postings
  • Do not forget to encourage referrals from diverse employees
  • You may take advantage of D.E.I. policies when recruiting.
  • You should advertise about vacant job vacancies in several networking groups and other job boards.
  • Remember to Include diverse stakeholders in your recruiting process.
  • And do not forget to give job applicants insight into your firm culture.

Following are some of the best-improving ideas for the recruitment process that should implement instantly.

  • Start with a great careers page.
  • Revisit your job descriptions.
  • Involve employees in interviews.
  • Streamline the application & interview process.
  • Consider additional candidate sources.
  • Use candidate assessments.