Proven Reasons Why Candidate Feedback Is Important In Virtual Recruitment Process


In any organization, an employer should pay attention to the candidate's experience in the virtual recruitment process. In case a candidate is not satisfied with your company's policies or something else, or if they don't like the experience, they will 100 percent share this news with other employees. And, your company will end up with the worst impression and bad reputation. What do you think about the results? You would no longer be able to compete with other organizations for the best talents. 

When you let candidates say about your recruitment process, you help in making sure that your recruitment efforts are going on the right track. That is why candidate feedback must be a part of your virtual recruitment process. In this blog, We are going to explain overall proven reasons so that you know why you should cover candidate feedback in the virtual recruitment process

Reason 1 - It Helps In Understanding The Candidate's Experience

You should be thankful for candidate feedback as you can better understand the candidate's experience. Approximately seventy-eight percent believe that the complete candidate experience flashes how an organization values its employees. You can make sure the next candidate will have a good experience during the overall hiring process when you know that. 

In other words, if you pay attention to your candidate's experience and feedback, you can earn many plus points as a potential employer and effortlessly attract more top talents. You might have seen that sometimes candidates find this hard to submit their applications to your company using their mobile phones. To ensure the perfect candidate experience, you should optimize your website for mobile phones also. For that, you need to try to make your website less heavy, and try to make the text a little bigger so that people who use mobile phones can easily read that without facing any issues. Thus, this is one of the reasons why you should cover candidate experience during the virtual recruitment process

Reason 2 - It Helps In Building Your Reputation As A Potential Employer 

Whenever an employer asks their candidates for feedback, they show their concern towards them. That is perfect because a candidate prefers an employer who listens and values them and their opinions. According to the studies, almost 99 percent of employees show their concern and are more likely to stay with an organization that understands and sympathizes with their needs. 

Asking for candidate feedback and experience in the virtual recruitment process also helps you so that you can keep and maintain your good employer image as it is in the job market. That is important because those candidates you asked for their feedback about your organization will praise and spread the good words about your company. In other words, empathy is a good trait or skill to have. Feel free to ask anyone, and they will tell you the capability to keep yourself in others' shoes all the time is a trademark of being a good person. Thus, if you wish to build your reputation as a potential employer, you have to cover candidate experience during the virtual recruitment process

Reason 3 - It Helps In Improving Your Overall Recruitment Process 

Candidate feedback grants you to make adjustments in the several parts of the virtual recruitment process that need to be improved. In the end, as a result, you improve your recruitment process as a whole. For example, if the virtual recruitment process lasted for two long months, you can now cut it down into the recommended two weeks, which job seekers expect. That is all because your video interviews are not generally shorter based on the particular candidate's feedback. Or because you now marked the virtual recruitment process to each job vacancy that you wish to fill.

When the virtual recruitment process improves as a whole, then you increase your chances of getting the best talent for your organization, too. 

Reason 4 - It Helps In Recognizing Recurring Issues

When you try your best to standardize the virtual recruitment process, candidates might experience some discrepancies. They might have several different experiences based on the job role they interview for. The recruiter who handles their overall requisition, or the hiring manager, who makes the final decision. However, this should not ever mean you can lower your expectations for this process. 

Collecting candidate feedback in the virtual recruitment process allows you to figure out whether candidates' negative feedback on the hiring process, tools, or all the personalities that they encounter are isolated different occurrences or part of a larger pattern. For example, if there is a candidate who says that their recruiter was barely audible or was not visible on the screen, you can simply dismiss it as an isolated case. And, if you find another candidate handled by the same recruiter having the same issue, then it is time to discuss with the particular recruiter or see whether other recruiters are receiving the same feedback from candidates. 

Reason 5 - It Helps In Gaining User's Feedback On The Tools Used In The Recruiting Process

Recruiting process before the pandemic was already technical intensive. With the virtual recruitment process, the use of technical tools has been increased rapidly. You have to make sure that your video interview software, applicant tracking systems, and integrations between your ATS and recruitment portals should be seamless and stable. 

Even if your IT (Information Technology) management team examines these tolls before they go live, you still will not be able to find out how candidates will use and grasp them—for example, utilizing a video chat platform known for its unstable connections might 100 percent leave candidates feeling alone and disconnected during their interviews. In this case, you might wish to have software with 24/7 tech support so that the recruiters can focus and figure out what they are good at. Thus, this is one of the reasons why you should cover candidate experience during the virtual recruitment process.                       


The economy of the country is fast recovering, employers and job seekers are looking for a more efficient way to engage and connect. The virtual recruitment process allows you to plan interviews and find the top qualified candidates from anywhere in the world conveniently and safely. You need to be a potential employer by providing an executed and well-planned virtual recruitment process. This way, you would be able to establish your organization's reputation and attract top talents. After reading this blog, it would not be difficult to understand that getting candidate feedback about their experience in the virtual recruitment process helps recognize issues and areas that need to be improved in your recruitment processes.