Everything You Need To Know About Healthcare RPO


There is an acute shortage of clinical and non-clinical professionals in the healthcare industry in today’s times. Also, finding the right talent for any specific job role has become very challenging. After all, the healthcare industry is all about saving people's lives, so a lot of consumer trust is at stake. The healthcare industry no doubt has its own HR department, which helps in the recruitment process, but oftentimes, they have other internal disputes and tasks to solve. In such situations, it becomes rather crucial to get in touch with a reliable healthcare RPO provider.

In today's times, especially after the pandemic has hit us severely, it is very important for healthcare organizations to find the right healthcare RPO or recruitment process outsourcing firm which can enable them to hire top healthcare talents around their areas and globally as well. To excel to new heights, a healthcare organization should develop a strong relationship with a trusted healthcare RPO which begins with a detailed selection process. Once a good healthcare RPO is selected, it can help the organization become more efficient in improving its recruitment processes and enhancing its employment brand.

With the help of professional healthcare RPO, the common problems during hiring and recruitment can be easily dealt with. In fact, a client can get a suitable candidate for the job role without wasting time and money. To understand what a healthcare RPO is, it is very crucial to get to know what role it plays in the healthcare organization and what its meaning is in today's business world. Keep reading to find out more. 

What Is A Healthcare RPO?

A healthcare RPO provider implements the solutions designed to improve hiring procedures which overall improves business performance. Unlike the common belief, they are not healthcare staffing companies, head-hunters, or quick fixes for just one-time healthcare hiring needs. It is often important to have an RPO provider in healthcare organizations because it can provide branding for employee engagement, hiring of suitable job seekers, onboarding the right candidate, and much more. The RPO solutions for each client are often customized and tailored according to the organization’s needs. And such solutions are made taking into consideration of the specific concerns of the health industry.

The healthcare RPO today offers competitive prices and uses the latest tools and technology to carry out the recruitment process. Various RPO providers in the healthcare sector recruit fresh talent with the help of professionals with expertise in healthcare, which ensures expected results in the business that is hiring them. If you are a business that is looking to engage an RPO provider, then it can help you reduce the money you spend on healthcare employment agencies. The healthcare RPO will help the clients yield lower turnover and create a top-quality stream of suitable candidates for various job positions. This can become a great means to be more cost-effective when it comes to healthcare organizations’ talent acquisition processes. In fact, a good RPO provider will save a lot of the organization’s money throughout the employee’s tenure, even after they have been hired by the firm.

The right healthcare RPO provider in these times understands all the unique challenges that exist in the healthcare industry. Not only this, but they also possess a good amount of experience in sourcing quality job-seekers for niche as well as technical healthcare positions. The best service that a good provider gives to their clients is that they don’t wait on job seekers to contact them after posting advertisements on various media platforms; rather, they quickly target and assess various active and passive candidates for hard-to-fill job positions in the healthcare organization.

Benefits Of Healthcare RPO

Today, around the globe, the need for healthcare services is rising at a great pace which is resulting in the rapid growth of many healthcare organizations to meet the increasing demands. In such situations where healthcare organizations are experiencing growth, hiring an experienced healthcare RPO provider can help find the right talent quickly to make sure that the organization is well staffed at the right time to meet the growing demands. Some of the benefits of healthcare RPO are stated below:

  1. The healthcare RPO providers can handle the background checks, drug test screens, and other onboarding formalities needed during the hiring of a new employee. They will make sure that the job seekers shortlisted for the interview have the specific skills needed for the job. This will save a lot of the company’s time and resources. 
  2. The healthcare RPO providers will overall improve the employment brand and help attract better talent to your organization. The employment brand will be improved whether your healthcare organization is an established firm or a new player in the industry; that does not matter; just building a stronger brand appeal can help fascinate the best talents in the market. An RPO provider can create great goodwill for your organization in the market.
  3. It is crucial these days that an organization must have a healthy relationship with current and former employees as well as with people they could not hire. A healthy relationship leads to better word of mouth about the organization. For this important occurrence to successfully happen, a good healthcare RPO engagement can play a very crucial role in maintaining healthy relationships between all perspectives.
  4. A good healthcare RPO provider can give scalable solutions to accomplish the growth of your organization. 

Getting Started With Healthcare Staffing And RPO 

Any healthcare organization that is willing to hire an RPO provider must first evaluate its hiring as well as business needs. A common list of nerds to be fulfilled by an RPO solution has been provided below:

  • Help the healthcare organizations with filling up the staff positions that require some specific technical experiences and certifications beforehand to fit the job role.
  • Make sure to recruit only a very small number of employees for a niche job position. 
  • Help the healthcare organization with employee retention i.e., make sure that an existing employee stays in the organization in case of any dispute or issue.
  • A good Healthcare RPO makes sure that it improves the employee turnover rate. Employee turnover rate is the measure of the number of employees working in the organization during a specified period of time.
  • Filling a large number of job positions with high-quality and best in industry candidates quickly.
  • Deliver scalable engagements that are designed to fit the hiring needs of clients in the healthcare industry. 
  • A Service level agreement, also commonly known as SLA, defines the level of service that the hiring employer expects from a vendor that provides the service. A good healthcare RPO provides transparent data by tracking milestones and metrics that were outlined in the SLAs. 

After you have considered and made up a firm decision on your own healthcare staffing needs, all you have to do is sufficient research regarding what your prospective RPO partner brings forth on the table for you in their services. When you are considering any healthcare RPO to render its services to you, ask yourself the following important questions:

  • Does the prospective healthcare RPO has enough expertise in fulfilling all the specific staffing needs of the healthcare organizations? 
  • How many clients do they currently have from the healthcare industry?
  • Are they ready to provide you scalability with full-cycle and partial-cycle recruiting?
  • What is the source of the healthcare professionals from which they build up their talent pipeline?

Lastly, have an in-depth discussion with the chosen RPO provider or the one that you are considering. So that you can be well-versed about the fact that whether they can help your healthcare organization in achieving the business and staffing goals.

Which Healthcare RPO Is Suitable For Your Needs? 

Today, the market is filled with many healthcare RPOs that are providing their services at competitive prices and are guaranteeing targets to be met in a specified period of time. So, gradually choosing the most suitable RPO provider can seem overwhelming and confusing at times. In fact, choosing and deciding the right RPO partner to work with for your healthcare staffing needs should be a carefully examined process with some factors that you should take into consideration.

You have to keep in mind that you are not just choosing a service vendor that will help you during the recruiting processes, but you are also choosing a work partner that will guide and help you to improve you in many business functions for your organization. You first need to identify the specific business needs of your organization in the same manner as you do while choosing other products and services. You also have to pre-decide what you want an RPO provider to assist you within your business functions. 

This decision of yours would primarily help you identify your weaknesses or areas of improvement on which you have to work specifically for smoothly achieving your organization's objectives. They can anywhere from brand goodwill establishment, organization expansion, and staffing cost reduction to reorganizing your recruitment structure. The following factors discussed below will help you choose the right healthcare RPO for your organization:


The right RPO provider always values accountability as it is one of the most important factors in building a strong relationship between the organization that is hiring and the RPO service provider. As an organization, when you select the right healthcare RPO provider, they always deliver a higher level of transparency when it comes to the evaluation of performance and services they have provided. In fact, they will also encourage you to hold them accountable in cases of how well the hiring done by them is working out for you or not. They would also like to be judged on how fast they are able to fill up the open job positions and whether their services are cost-effective or not to you. 


Apart from accountability, a good healthcare RPO provider knows how the healthcare staffing is done from top to bottom, everything about it. They have many clients from the same industry; they also have strong contacts and connections with the top professionals of the healthcare organizations. They also use and understand the technology that is used to source the best talents in the healthcare industry. They are well versed in how to screen the candidates effectively with an understanding of the compliance requirements for each job position. 

Usage Of Proprietary Technology And Unique Sourcing Methods

As mentioned earlier, the technology that is used by the RPO provider must be upscale. In today’s times, the healthcare labor market is tight, and in these scenarios attracting the best talents can be quite a challenge. The right RPO provider understands this, and that is why they use best-in-industry cutting-edge latest recruiting technology and sourcing techniques to meet the staffing needs of their healthcare clients. The technology used by them utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify, source, and screen competent candidates, which adds a distinct advantage to the recruitment process. The usage of such technologies also reduces the cost-per-hire and merges multiple recruiting functions into an easy, user-friendly interface. 

Meets the organization's Needs

Every healthcare organization has different needs, purposes, and objectives that it has to meet, which also makes it unique and different from its peers in the market. The right healthcare RPO provider will give attention to every important detail and understand the staffing preferences and needs. After they have fully understood your motive in the market, only then they will design and tailor your RPO plan. Even if your requirements are huge, the RPO provider quill makes sure that not only it fulfills the huge demand but also integrates the new employees into the organization. 

Talent Market

For a good healthcare RPO, it is very significant that they understand the laws, rules and regulations, customs, and market structures of different areas as there might be a possibility that your healthcare organization is located not just in one area but at multiple locations. The RPO service provider should have the necessary experience in sourcing out the job seekers in your talent market, and they hire only the best talent out there.