How Empathy and Responsiveness Impact Recruitment Process?


To be empathic towards the others feelings and being able to respond in a manner that speaks of mutual understanding, is considered to be an essential factor in any recruitment agency. Because ultimately, in a business-centric environment where employees work under one roof, empathy and responsiveness to situations define the guidelines. Empathy and responsiveness go shoulder to shoulder if we talk about retaining human resources or hiring them. The feeling must be shared equally and once done, it opens up to a path of compassion, where both the parties feel dependable on each other.


Benefits of Empathy in Recruitment Process

Balance is the key in achieving the right outlook. No matter how hectic your day comes to be, the right balance of patience, understanding and gratitude is simply enough for a fortunate selection. Keeping you candidate happy from the very beginning works in the interest of both parties involved and helps build trust.

  • By creating a positive outlook towards the candidate takes your business to newer heights and helps boost your business relationship. An empathic recruitment process invites more number of applications that helps your organization perform relatively much better.
  • Recruiters tend to deal with a lot of different applicants and amongst them, some come out strong onto the recruiters for rejection. That is why it is advised to be cognizant about the candidates you are associated with and offer them suggestions to things they can work upon, make use of effective strategies that help them move past the stage they are stuck at.
  • Recruiters often vent their agitation towards the candidate over small misplaced details and lack of required information in the candidates’ resume, resulting in harsh rejection without giving an explanation. This surprisingly affects the hiring committee and sometimes qualitative applications slip away unattended. Therefore, the need for empathy is felt in such cases.
  • Since everyone involved in the recruitment process takes support from each other, like a candidate approaches the recruiter, who in turn will go to his/her manager, this becomes a reliant network where empathy should be present so as to make a strong support network.