How To Create A Perfect Recruitment Video?


Have you ever wondered how an employer can showcase their firm culture to recruiters? The most effective solution is to create a recruitment video. A recruitment video is known as a short film that captures the feel, looks, and realness of your firm to determine the potential candidates who would like to work with you or not. In this blog, you will be learning a few tips on making a perfect recruitment video.

Recruitment Video: A Must-Have Source To Attract Top Talent

You know well that videos rule on social media, and very soon, they will take over recruitment too. Most of the leading firms are already making a recruitment video and using it in order to level up their business by hiring top talents. Using a recruitment video is surely one of the recruiting trends you must implement in 2022.

If you are hiring candidates for a big company, you have to start creating a recruitment video in order to keep up with your challengers. And, if you are recruiting for a small firm, then you need to start creating a recruitment video according to you. It would be up to you. Whether you wish to show your firm is different from others in a war for talent. For both a big and a small firm, A recruitment video is now a must-have source in order to attract top talents. Creating a perfect recruitment video will help you in order to showcase your company culture, promote your employer's brand, and attract more candidates.

Why Should A Recruitment Video Be A Part Of Your Hiring Process?

If you think why you should include a recruitment video in your hiring process, then the following are a few reasons:

Reason 1: To Boost Your Firm's Presence In SERP

Using recruitment is one of the greatest ways in order to boost your SEO efforts. As a result, it improves your presence in search results. According to studies, a recruitment video drives approx. a 150% increase in organic traffic from SERP (search engine result pages). In other words, whenever you add a video to your company career page, you will see it rank higher on Google's search engine result pages.

Reason 2: To Reach More Applicants

No doubt, people love videos. And this is the only reason people share videos more than other posts that contain images and texts. According to studies, a recruitment video generates approx. 1200% more shares than images and texts combined. In other words, whenever you add a recruitment video to your job openings, you will notice people sharing your job postings. As a result, your vacant job posting will surely reach the highest number of people.

Reason 3: To Get More View On Job Postings

You might have noticed that in today's candidate-driven job sector, there are plenty of job opportunities for job seekers. As a potential recruiter or a hiring manager, you have to hire the best people. For that, you need to transform your job posting in order to attract the applicant's attention. All you need to do is to add a recruitment video to your every job posting. According to studies, job posting with a recruitment video are usually viewed 12% more than posts without a video.

Reason 4: To Promote Your Employer's Brand

A recruitment video is a perfect way in order to promote your employer's brand. Also, a video helps you to represent your firm across the words as a great employer. You may use a recruitment video to tell several stories about your firm. A video can help recruiters and hiring managers highlight their firm's value and also presents your employee value proportion. You may also showcase your firm culture and the overall workplace. This way, you can easily give a glimpse to your potential candidates about the everyday life at your office.

Reason 5: To Save Time & Money

You might have experienced that a job posting with a recruitment video attracts more job applicants. This way, you will not have to waste your time and money as well. You do not need to waste too much money in order to promote a single recruitment video to get a higher number of job seekers. Therefore, you will be able to get more applicants in a short period of time. As a result, you will be able to shorten your entire hiring process in order to improve your time to hire. Finally, there is no need to neglect the power of using a recruitment video for screening and interviewing candidates.

How To Create A Perfect Recruitment Video?

If you are thinking about making a recruitment video, then do not think too much. Because creating a recruitment video is never a long, complicated, and costly job. For creating a perfect recruitment video, you do not need a big budget, fancy tools, and a huge team. You can easily create a fun, engaging, and authentic recruitment video yourself for free! For this, all you need is a bit of your precious time and effort and, of course, the following tips to get started! Hence, here are the top 5 tips for creating a perfect recruitment video.

Tip 1: Make It Short

Always try to make your recruitment video short. These videos should not be longer than 3 minutes. Suppose you are creating a great and long video. You will see there will be more chances that the candidates would not like to watch the full video if it is longer than 5 minutes. SkillScout analyzed more than 450 jobs and firm videos across YouTube and Vimeo channels as well. They have found the average amount of time that people usually spend watching a recruitment video. And this average time is 1 minute and 36 seconds.

Tip 2: Make It Fun

In order to make a recruitment video more interesting, you have to avoid the boring corporate business language. Also, do not use shabby buzzwords. You should always try to make your recruitment video fun both for your current employees and your potential candidates. Simply begin with your employees because it is very important that your employees should have fun while making a recruitment video. Their energy will shine through your candidates with their good vibes. And yes! Don't be afraid of being humorous.

Tip 3: Showcase Your Firm's Culture

Apart from your employee's testimonials, you have to use your recruitment video in order to showcase your company culture. Your potential candidate wants and will always be ready to see the faces of people they would be spending most of their days with. Also, they always get curious about the workplace where they would work. Give them a chance to see your firm and workplace. You should give them a glimpse into the atmosphere of the workplace as well as everyday life at your office.

Tip 4: Answer Candidate's Questions

Let's discuss one more thing that you must keep in your mind while creating a recruitment video. Make sure you are using your recruitment video in order to talk about what is more important to job seekers. Candidates want to know what kind of experience it would be like to work at your firm. Also, they wish to see the faces of people they might be working with. However, they might have a few specific questions that basically depends on the candidate's journey stage they are in. your video must be created with useful recruitment content and about every step of the candidate's journey.

Tip 5: Do Not Forget To Include A Call To Action

Here we have the final tip to create a perfect recruitment video that includes a Call to Action! You need to tell your potential candidate what you exactly want them to do after watching your recruitment video. It totally depends on you. Do you want them to check all the vacant job positions? Or do you want them to read your career blogs? Visit your site? Or do you want them to join your talent network? You need to make it clear by presenting a strong call to action at the end of your video. 

Final Words 

Creating a recruitment video in your hiring process is the perfect way in order to showcase your firm culture. Also, this is a great medium to grab the attention of top candidates. It is super easy to produce. All you need is your smartphone. Your smartphone must have good audio quality and decent lighting as well. Make it fun as well as smart. Also, do not forget to promote your recruiting video over several social platforms. Must include it on your career website. You must know that the best tech players are using video content in order to attract more candidates. If it is working for them, it will work for you! To know more in this regard, you may visit the website E Global Soft Services.

A study revealed that job postings through videos are 12% more viewed than those posts containing texts and images related content. No doubt that companies have a 34% greater application rate when they add a video to their job listings.

Your recruiting video should be no longer than three minutes. Suppose you are creating a great and long video. You will see there will be more chances that the candidates would not like to watch the full video if it is longer than 5 minutes.

After creating your recruitment video, make sure to share it across multiple social platforms for maximum engagement. For example, you may share it on your social media platforms or on your website's career page. Also, you can post it on your company account with a job listing website.

According to the studies, recruitment video generates an amazing 1200% more shares than text and images combined posts. In other words, if you add a video to your vacant job postings, more people will share it. As a result, your job opening will be able to reach a greater number of people.

Following are the top eight ways mentioned in order to use your recruitment video:

  • Useful to showcase your business on your career site.
  • Incorporate them into your job postings.
  • Communicate with your talent community. 
  • Leverage video for candidate communication.
  • Share videos across several social channels.
  • You may use your recruitment video at a job fair. 
  • Interview long-distance candidates with video.