How To Write A Perfect Recruitment Ad?


A good recruitment ad refers to the cornerstone of your entire hiring process. And, it does not matter how many job portals you are focusing on, or how attractive your salary package and additional benefits are. Suppose you do not tell candidates why your job role is worth applying to. As a result, your firm will not be able to get the applicants it needs.

In this blog, we are going to tell you how you can write a perfect recruitment ad. A recruitment ad that can easily attract great candidates. Also, the job ad should bring only high-quality and relevant applicants to your firm.

What Is A Recruitment Ad?

A recruitment ad basically works as an announcement if certain job positions are open for job seekers out there. It is totally about posting vacant job positions on several job boards. 

Or upload it to your own business hiring page when you are looking to grow and enhance your team. A well-written recruitment ad gives you a chance to sell a specific job role to potential applicants. It is a chance to show the job vacancies to job seekers and make sure that you are attracting only the high-qualified right people to the role. 

Note: Remember that a recruitment ad is not the same as a recruitment job description. An ad is an outward-facing, designed in order to attract and excite the right kind of candidate. And a job description is used for internal use where the whole duties of the role are laid out more as a whole.  

How To Write A Recruitment Ad?

Before you get started, you must think about your dream candidate. You might have heard people talking about focusing their efforts on an ideal buyer persona. The same thing applies here. What do you expect your ideal hire to look like? If you have done the process to identify a candidate, then you must already have a really clear picture of the tasks and duties that the particular job role needs. This is where you need to start the process. Now you have a completely clear picture of what a particular person is going to do day-to-day. So now, you just need to find the right person that fits. And you can do this by working backward. Do you need to have the proper list in front of you of what would somebody need to do all the tasks well?

  • What hard skills would they require?
  • What personal information would be useful?
  • Would a professional background be a good fit?
  • How much experience (in years) should they have?

Once you get all those information, you have to rank in order of importance. Thinking about your dream candidate is one of the useful focusing tasks in order to finally write a recruitment ad. But in reality, the ideal person does not really exist. You usually will not get every single thing on your list, but ranking these pieces of information allows you to figure out which features are the most valuable and which attributes are just 'nice-to-haves.'

Best Practices for Writing a Recruitment Ad

Before we start with specific top practices in order to write a recruitment ad, you must note a few overall goals that will help your recruitment ad to reach more people out there. Generally speaking, your recruiting ad must contain these qualities:

  • Make a great first impression on readers.
  • It should be easy to read and engaging.
  • Offer enough information that the reader can pre-screen themselves
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Increase the likelihood so that the applicant can hit the "Apply Now" button to proceed.
  • Be friendly as well as professional
  • Be easily skimmable and readable on mobile.

You must keep all these points in your mind. These points will help in crafting the language for your recruitment ad. And now, it's time to discuss some of the best practices for writing a recruitment ad.

Practice 1: Know Your Targeted Audience (Candidates)

The most important step in order to write a recruitment ad is to know about your targeted audience. That means before you hold a pen or paper or put your fingers on the keyboard. You should be discussing this with your co-workers. This will help in order to figure out what your ideal candidate looks like, what they want, who they are, and where they like to hang out. And most importantly, what you can say to them in order to make them want to work with you, for you. 

Practice 2: Don't Forget About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We know that most searchers almost use the web in order to search for their next job. You probably want your recruitment ad found by people when they search about the job on the search engine. It is one of the most important steps in order to write a recruitment ad. As a potential recruiter or a hiring manager, it is more important to do a bit researching about keywords that are typically related to their vacant positions. You need to have an idea of what searchers are typing into search engines to find similar job postings like yours. And then, start including those keywords in your recruitment ad. This will be easier for people to find you and your recruitment ad.

Practice 3: Nail Your Firm Description

Now that you have learned about the most general practices in order to write a perfect recruitment ad. Let's discuss another one. The first thing those job seekers should see is a well-written paragraph about your firm when they open your recruitment ad. This would be your first impression, and make sure it looks great. Take your firm description and make a connection between the job and the candidate. In the description, you should talk about your firm's mission and values. Also, tell the readers how the job position fits in the vision.

Practice 4: Describe the Perks Packages

Let's discuss the good stuff now - money, benefits, and perks. There is no need to get too fancy about the method to present the salary. But the perks and benefits are the parts that you need to mention in your recruitment ad. Benefits and perks are those sections where you may easily take advantage in order to get high-qualified candidates to your company. Apart from just writing a huge list of benefits and perks your firm offers, make a list of the top of them and explain how they will improve the day-to-day life of a particular employee. Take some time to find out the hopes of a specific applicant, and then think about what you can offer them.

Practice 5: Add A "Must-Have" Section

The must-have (job needs) section in the recruitment ad contains very important information that job seekers generally read in order to analyze themselves for the job role. This is the section where you mention things such as required minimum or maximum experience, skills, education, qualities, location requirements, and whatnot! This is one of the most important parts of a recruitment ad that leaves you with a smaller pool of high-potential candidates.

Practice 6: Mention A Full List of Job Duties

At this stage, now you will need to mention a proper list of the specific job role. You have to use active language in this section to get an applicant excited about what he is going to be doing in your firm. The best way to do this is to start each bullet point with a verb. For example, if you are looking for a web designer, add their job duties in your recruitment ad, such as:

  • Create concept through iteration to production – beautiful as well as engaging web experiences with strong graphic and motion components that reflect the brand on the website
  • Responsible for the look and feel, visual appearance, layout, and the execution of the overall design for the specific website
  • Worked with the marketing team in coming up with creative and effective designs and developing landing pages for several campaigns.
  • Present designs and collect feedback from peers and executive level stakeholders as well.
  • Run A/B test and conversion rate optimization as well throughout the website

Final Words

Now you have learned what a recruitment ad exactly is. Also mentioned at the beginning of this blog is why it is important to write a perfect recruitment ad in order to reach a vast number of applicants. I hope now you are all aware of the fact that A well-written recruitment ad will not only help you in order to attract qualified job seekers to apply. But it will also promote your firm's brand and allow you to build a strong workforce of potential candidates for the future. And, if you are still confused about getting the right way, we are here to help! As part of our recruitment services, we at E Global Soft Services will write a perfect SEO-friendly recruitment ad for you and take care of it as well.

A recruitment ad is the marketing process of attracting candidates and their interest in your company via several job ads for the purpose of developing a good workforce.

A good recruitment ad should be brief, clear, and to the point. All you need to do is to write an ad using a perfect format. The key to a good recruitment job description is grabbing the attention of job seekers. If you are looking for the right candidate to join your firm, your job posts need to be on several job boards for better reach.

The following steps are useful and indeed to be involved while writing a recruitment ad:

  • Use a perfect and eye-catching job title. 
  • Give a description of your company. 
  • Clearly mention duties and responsibilities. 
  • List the necessary skills and qualifications. 
  • State the job location as well as working hours.
  • Give some insight into salary and additional benefits as well.
  • Do not forget to give contact information.

The main purpose of the recruitment ad is to attract interest, build a quick connection with candidates, clear all the essential points about the specific job role, and provide a clear response process as well as mechanism. The overall design of the job post should concentrate on clarity or text, layout, and conveying a professional image.

The more job boards you focus on advertising, the better are your chances in order to attract more candidates. Since job boards are viewed by a vast number of candidates every day, it will help to maximize your reach to top skilled candidates. Thus, the probability of the open position for the particular job role getting filled sooner also increases.