Proven Ways To Bring Down Your Recruitment Costs In 2022


Do you want to hire employees for your firm? For this, you will need solutions to find the right candidates. You might face many challenges while hiring a candidate. Hiring challenges include extra and unwanted costs for vacant job positions and a slow recruiting process. Indeed, hiring managers or recruiters need to enhance their hiring process to bring down the recruitment costs.

Business owners need an all-in-one app so that they can answer all the questions from candidates. They need an app to provide an ultra-smooth experience so that they can speed up the hiring process. At the same time, hiring managers need tools to grade candidates quickly. Recruitment tools also help you to transfer accurate messages to the team members.

As a recruiter agent or a hiring manager, you should maintain your recruitment costs and good hiring reputation. This way, you will be able to increase the chances to get a partnership with top talents. If you want to attract top candidates quickly, you have to bring down your recruitment costs. In this detailed blog, I will be teaching you how you can reduce your recruitment costs throughout the entire hiring process. Following are the proven tips that can help you to lower recruitment costs in 2022:

  • Improve hiring process
  • Increase direct hiring
  • Build your employer's brand
  • Hire more freelancers 
  • Utilize recruitment software's power 
  • Consider the recruitment process outsourcing 

Enjoy reading all of the above tips and reduce your recruitment costs:

Tip 1: Improve The Hiring Process

How much you are putting to hire a candidate for your firm vs. what you get in turn. In other words, if you get more output than your expectation, then you have to consider that your hiring plans are cost-effective. With that thing in mind, you can bring down your recruitment costs easily. You just need to expand the number of hiring candidates. It is important to identify your hiring mistakes. These mistakes can push the good applicants away. If you can lower these mistakes, you will find you will be getting more top candidates.

Do you wish to improve your hiring process without compromising? You have to look after the things such as how many stages should have in your entire hiring process. For example, if you wish applicants to go through the first, second, and third stages as an interview, why not put all three rounds on the same day? If you do so, you will be saving your time and money. This way, improving your hiring process can also help you to bring down your recruitment costs.

Tip 2: Increase Direct Hiring

It is very common that one of your recruitment costs is spending your money on external agencies. External hiring agencies can be good at their level, but many of us are too much depend on them. Hiring agencies charges fees up to 20% of the first-year salary. This way, you will feel that you are spending and wasting more money, which should not be done like this. When you start the direct hiring process, you will probably observe that this is one of the best ways to bring down your recruitment costs in 2022. You can try many ways to increase your direct hirings to lower down the recruitment costs. Here are these ways:

Social Media: if you are not active on social media yet, you need to be. You will observe that there would be an almost 50 percent reduction in recruitment costs. This is a good platform to invest your money. 

Better Job Adverts: if your job ads are not doing justice to you, you are probably missing out on direct applicants. You need to invest your money and time into hiring a copywriter. This way, you will make sure your marketing plans are working as hard as possible for you. Thus, this is also the way you can try to invest your money into the right plan and reduce your recruitment costs.  

Tip 3: Build Your Employer's Brand

Building employer branding is an essential part of the entire recruitment process. In this section, you will learn how this will help you lower your recruitment costs in 2022. Many firms get stuck in the mess of short-term hiring plans, mainly if their needs are higher. And, That's a mistake! Short-term hiring plans can be great at their level, but a long-term plan should always complement plans. This will help you build your employer's brand. The more powerful your employer brand is, the less you need to work to attract candidates to your firm. The more you attract candidates, the more you will be able to reduce recruitment costs. Here are a few tips you should remember about employer brand and how this would be helpful for you in reducing recruitment costs:

  • Content marketing is the most important thing your firm can do from a recruitment perspective. You have to build your employer's brand. It will increase your reach. This way, content marketing can help you bring down your recruitment costs as a whole. 
  • You should work with your leadership team to make sure that you are all on the same page. This way, you may find you can get a budget where and when you need it.

Tip 4: Hire More Freelancers 

Let's discuss one more tip that will help you to bring down your recruitment costs in 2022. Freelancer talent basically seems like a big expense compared to permanent talent. The rates freelancer command is basically higher. But this is not the whole story. The biggest benefit of freelancers is that we can get easy-going work on a need-only basis. Freelancers play a very important in helping you to reduce recruitment costs

Now, I hope you are all aware of the fact why freelancers play a vital role in lowering your recruitment costs. As we know, we do not live in an era where the market is stable. That is why having access to that talent that allows you to rein in costs when needed is clearly valuable. This is how freelance talent helps you as plugging a gap when we need them. We do not need to waste resources, time, and money when we do not need them. 

Tip 5: Utilize Recruitment Software's Power 

Recruitment software can 100% help you a lot if you want to reduce your recruitment costs. Although, I will not go in-depth to tell you how recruitment software can help us lower the recruitment costs. However, we are going to mention a few key points. Read carefully and proceed:

  • If your human resources team needs 30 hours per week for recruitment, the rate is $20 per hour on average. Then this is clearly $600 per week. However, if you are using good recruitment software, this rate can drop down to only $37 per week. As you can see, you are saving $437 here! This way, having good recruitment software can 100 percent help you bring down your recruitment costs. 
  • Recruitment software also helps you in guiding better plans. It reduces the chances of bad hires. A good recruitment software may also help you remove the wastage of recruitment costs. 

Tip 6: Consider The Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Here, let's discuss the last and major tip. This way, you will be able to know how recruitment process outsourcing can help you bring down your recruitment costs. Sometimes it is better to outsource some of your hiring processes than in-house. It is simple. Even you can do the calculation yourself. You just need to figure out how much it will be going to cost you to hire freelancers (on in-house recruiters) to do the job. Then you have to calculate how much agencies are going to bill you for that. This is how you will know which option is better for you and which one will help you reduce your recruitment costs.  


In this ultimate guide, I have taught you the ways which you can try if you want to reduce your estimated recruitment costs. From hiring freelance talent to building your employer's brand, from lowering churn to improving the entire hiring process, there are many other ways to adopt in order to reduce recruitment costs. Still, not all the firms are taking their step ahead to execute these steps to reduce recruitment costs. As a recruiter, now you need to take some action! For more details, you may visit our official website - E Global Soft Services.

Following are some of the effective ways to reduce recruitment costs in your overall hiring process:

  • Reduce the time to hire a candidate.
  • Hire great & potential candidates for the first time.
  • Boost your employee's referral program.
  • You have to learn how you can automate some of the recruitment tasks.

Cost per hire is referred to as recruiting talent and is linked to the total cost of bringing the new employee to the particular firm. Cost per hire includes the expense of the recruitment process, administrative costs, equipment, travel costs, and benefits.

Following are the examples of recruitment costs:

  • Salary of the entire recruitment team
  • Advertising costs on the online job boards.
  • Salaries of the extra team members (involved in the hiring process).
  • Costs of the recruitment software that you use to hire a candidate.

According to the SHRM's formula: cost per hire is the sum of all recruitment costs divided by the number of hires in a particular time period.

Following are the five simple steps that will help you to plan your recruitment costs:

  • Firstly, you have to figure out your overall personal budget.
  • Annual numbers of hires should be in your knowledge. 
  • Factor in program and systems fees are there that you should remember while making a plan of recruitment costs.
  • Regularly track the costs of events.
  • Your plan should also include an employee referral bonus program.