Recruitment Trends You Must Prepare For In 2022


The recruitment industry has undergone symbolic changes within the last decade. Some of these changes have been glacial, while other developments happen at lightning speed. Some of the main changes that have occurred because of the technological advancements have shifted the entire hiring process. The dismission does not show any sign of slowing down, and this recent decade is predicted to represent other new recruitment trends. 

Thus, knowing and understanding what is coming and we should react to it is now one of the most effective skills for business. Recognizing the latest recruitment trends with existing ones that are getting powerful makes it easier to grow even more capable despite the global setup. 

So, here comes a sensible question: What does this year (2022) hold for recruiters all across the globe? In this blog, I am going to uncover this. You will know about all the latest recruitment trends for 2022. Thus, you have to read this entire blog till the end to learn this. 

Work from Home Policies 

Work from home policies has become the new norm popularized to decrease the spread of the Covid-19 virus. However, researchers have said that people will be adapting work from a home structure long even after Covid-19. Candidates that will need a job will be looking forward to getting such a flexible schedule. Hence, companies have to adapt work from home policies even after the economy got reestablished where it left off in some parts of the world. 

We still see that some of the companies are providing their employees such flexible work schedules. They prefer to let their staff work remotely. This situation has also showered so many golden opportunities for organizations so that they can access global talent without any limitations that can come with plenty of geographical boundaries. So, work from home policies is one of the latest Recruitment Trends in 2022 as we see that there are so many collaboration tools along with software that make this policy (remote working) easier. 

Social Media Recruiting

Using social media as a recruitment tool will probably become the norm. With approximately 3.6 million users, social media has taken its place. With the usage of mobile and the on the go interactions that social media platforms offer us, recruiters will likely capture the users' attention via these popular social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. 

Social Media platforms like Facebook have already begun. People can easily search and apply for jobs using the "job near me" directly from the app. 

At the start of 2020, you might have witnessed a couple of videos, eye-catching content on social media, and recruiting hashtags as a part of Recruitment Trends and recruitment marketing. This is a way to attract prospective candidates, but also this is a part of marketing strategy. 

One of the new strategies used by organizations is the use of podcasts. Podcasting has been there for many years. But, this platform began to pick up and has been quickly growing over the past two years. Organizations not only use this way to their brand, but they also use this for sourcing out new candidates. Podcast provides a lot of advantages to their listeners because they can listen to them while doing other things. In addition, it is easy to understand how to launch a podcast, making this one of the quickest rising Recruitment Trends in 2022. 

Advances in Recruitment AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The single and significant trend that will give a proper shape to the entire recruitment process this year and beyond is one and only AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The area of Artificial intelligence and automation has brought forth more gains to the entire recruitment industry, and this makes it one of the fastest and latest Recruitment Trends in 2022. 

Therefore, it is not a thing to overthink that we must be expecting more improvements in this sector sooner or later. 

Selecting a talented and potential candidate is one of the toughest, or we can say the most time-consuming, recruitment processes. But with Artificial Intelligence in place, what a recruiter can do is they can take the backbench and can get more of their work automated.  

Strategic Sourcing 

For the past few years, sources' role has been enough re-evaluated by the business. When active job seekers mainly represented the talent market, passive employees/candidates became the new black. The new modern talent, especially when it comes to software engineers and other technical professionals, is a battleground for organizations that are competing for the same skill sets and the same candidates. 

Most companies now give more attention to the forming sourcing team that is wholly dedicated to searching, identifying, and reaching out to potential candidates. Such partition of the duties has proved to provide better and quality-oriented results. Another best way is to prepare sources with technology. This will help in saving precious time through giving an open web database and simplifying candidate search. Thus strategic sourcing is one of the fastest Recruitment Trends in 2022. 

EVP, Employer Branding & Company Culture

Having a solid EVP (Employer Value Proposition) is essential for both candidates and existing workers. According to the research by the Corporate Leadership Council, A well-executed and clearly outlined employer value proposition can decrease the annual turnover of the specific employee by more than 65%, and thus lower recruitment costs. It can also expand an employee's advocacy from 20% to 45%, resulting in a better way, better quality for hiring, and mutual understanding between employees and employer. 

A strong EVP (Employer Value Proposition) includes a healthier organizational culture. The latter comes with customized performance management, prioritizing mental health, more transparent real-time connection, work-life balance, a shift to working remote & hybrid, and defined health benefits. As a whole, it makes a better employer branding which has become a crucial business investment for many organizations.  

Predictive Analytics

Recruitment companies and agencies rely on data to the interviews, source, and assess job applicants. This means that they have to and need to get accurate data with precise analytics provided to them to get real and better results. To identify the authentic candidates in the job market, many technologies use predictive analytics and recommender systems to find the perfect candidates using different parameters such as past education, education, relationship network, and location. 

Predictive analytics gives the recruiters more profound judgment into the best candidates suited for the job and those who are not actively looking for new job opportunities. AI (Artificial Intelligence) uses previous data to make predictions for the future. Unlike traditional data analysis, which can only tell "what" and "why," predictive analysis software will be a massive differentiator for organizations looking to source out the best talents or candidates. Thus, Predictive Analytics is the greatest and one of the fastest Recruitment Trends in 2022. 


The advancements in technology will generally impact the Recruitment Trends in 2022 and beyond. Recruitment companies will need to adapt to the changes and accept the latest recruitment trends I have mentioned in this blog. Recruitment trends such as work from home policies, predictive analytics, EVP, employer branding & company culture, strategic sourcing, advances in recruitment artificial intelligence, social media recruiting. I hope this blog will meet all your needs and requirements.