Role of AI in Recruiting & Hiring (The Good & The Bad)


The modern workplace is regularly growing day by day. Therefore, keeping this in mind, firms hire their future employees. Recruitment is making itself advanced by leaps and bounds—AI in recruiting works at the forefront that helps us so that we can work better and smarter. AI in recruiting has become a trend, and this is important for hiring managers or recruiters to keep themselves posted and updated. Regardless of how skilled or experienced a hiring manager may be. Recruitment plans need power so that they can sort and analyze lots of info.

With AI in recruiting, even the most time-consuming parts of the entire hiring process are becoming much easier. In this blog, I am going to teach you how AI recruiting plays a huge role in enhancing the overall hiring process for any firm or business. Read the blog till the end and know the pros as well as cons of the AI recruiting & hiring process.  

How Has AI in Recruiting Changed The Entire Hiring Game Of Today?

Below, you will know several ways in which AI in recruiting has changed the entire hiring game of today. 

1: Better Candidate Hiring 

Hiring managers or recruiters spend a lot of time finding suitable candidates for their firms every day. They search for candidates either on websites or other job portals. By Adopting AI in the hiring process, HR managers can find top talent much faster. AI has the power to scan the profile of candidates for current jobs. Thus, this saves the recruiter's time. AI in recruiting helps to hire managers saving their precious time and efforts. Therefore, they would be able to focus on other aspects related to the entire hiring process. 

2: Improved Job Postings 

Using AI in recruiting, always fulfill particular guidelines while crafting a job post. These guidelines include perspectives such as being gender-neutral might benefit recruiters in several ways. You can experience that the number of skilled applicants for each position might double. Not only will it boost the number of candidates for each vacant job opening, but in addition, it will also open the doors for creating a more diverse workplace. Thus, AI in recruiting solution 100 percent helps to hire managers or recruiters by saving them the time and efforts which they put into the entire hiring process.  

3: Ease Workplace Diversity

We see that most firms are working so devotedly. There is a reason! They wish to maintain diversity in their workplace. With the help of the AI in recruiting process, recruiters or hiring managers can do it. HR managers or recruiters work on the plans to get success in maintaining workplace diversity. If they succeed, then workplace diversity brings lots of benefits for the particular firm. The workplace diversity benefits include improved creativeness, increased revenue and innovation, and also high quality of work. These are the few benefits diversity can contribute to help any firm get success. 

With AI recruitment plans, firms can improve certain info that has the chance to trigger hiring managers' unconscious biases. Allowing AI in recruiting plans to hide pieces of info such as names, sex, age, or race, would mean that only their qualities and skills will be figured out. 

4: Enhance The Candidate's Experience 

Recruiters might have plenty of work to do, such as searching for a candidate, interviews, and all the paperwork in between. But as a recruiter, you should not forget about the candidate's experience throughout the overall hiring experience. Applying and interviewing process sometimes can be more stressful. Mostly if there is a lot of waiting and paperwork included. But, luckily with AI in recruiting, the stress level can be easily decreased for candidates.

Using AI In Recruiting (The Good)

AI in recruiting is getting popular day by day. The reason is so simple. Adopting AI in recruiting makes the recruitment process much easier and more streamlined. There are most benefits AI recruiting can bring for recruiters or hiring managers. 

  • The more annoying and time-consuming tasks can be automated. It is better for any firm. Firms can use AI in recruiting so that hiring managers can answer candidates' questions. It would be easy for recruiters to send out job applications and schedule interviews, including screening applicants. 
  • The AI in recruiting will greatly automate and enhance your workflow. AI in recruiting can also save the recruitment manager time that they spend into figure out top candidates. Also, they spend their precious time making a well-informed, careful hiring decision.
  • There is another use of AI in recruiting, which I am going to discuss with you. AI in recruiting solution helps the firms to find the top talent from a pool of thousands of candidates. AI can be easily programmed so that recruiters can analyze people's online presence, such as on social media. And it makes predictions for the whole recruitment process based on this assessment. 
  • AI in recruiting is very helpful for the firms in order to target their adverts. They (recruiters) basically target those who might be interested in the job or the post has similar terms. 
  • AI recruitment 100 percent helps in order to improve the quality of the hiring process. It is generally helpful in the hiring of passive candidates. AI can search from the entire pool of applicants, which allows for a more inclusive, effective, and thorough search. 
  • AI in recruiting also helps in improving the candidate experience. Applicants might wait hours or sometimes even days for a response to any query they have submitted to the recruiters. But with the help of the AI in recruiting process, chat boxes and help desks can help instant answers to the applicants. This way, it increases a candidate's willingness as well as interest in the particular job offer. 

Using AI In Recruitment (The Bad)

AI recruiting solutions will only work for the firm well if the possible issues and risks around them are properly resolved and addressed. advancement of an effective AI in recruiting is not an easy task. This process involves many challenges that you have to face along your way. Here are some of the possible challenges: 

  • As we know, AI in recruiting uses machine learning so that it can mimic human behavior. An example of AI bias occurred in 2018. Amazon's system was found to have a bias against female candidates in its hiring algorithm. At the same time, this does not mean that the idea of AI recruiting plans needs to be rejected as a whole. This situation points toward a potential risk in the system that firms will have to work around.
  • You will always need highly trained AI in recruiting solutions. This is a very important part that should be discussed, mostly while we are talking about using AI recruiting process. Without proper training, it might offer the wrong suggestions, and you might end up hurting your firm rather than helping it. 
  • AI in recruiting needs the entire company to be on board with several changes, mostly your hiring department, since they would be using this tech the most. It is common for HR employees to be in confusion about adopting new technology. It is important to work as a team so that you can address any fear and doubts and answer any questions they might have. If you are adopting AI in recruiting candidates, you need to communicate with your employees, telling them why you are using this system. Make sure you are providing them with proper training on how to use it, and do not forget to tell them how it will help in making their job easier. 

How Does AI In Recruiting Will Impact Your Image As A Recruiter? 

Are you using AI in recruiting process? It will 100 percent impact the role of a recruiter and the place they are holding in the process. AI recruiting allows HR managers to take more time so that they can build relationships with candidates. Will AI also help in order to determining the kind of job seekers they are? How they would fit in with the firm's culture since AI handles most of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks. AI will give HR managers or recruiters the space they need in order to conduct more proactive recruitment plans. By using data collected by Artificial intelligence in recruiting, you would be able to assess and improve the quality of candidates. 

AI in recruiting process holds incredible potential for the future. When it is implemented with planning and care, we can say that it makes the lives of recruiters a lot easier. 

Final Words

Artificial Intelligence (AI) still has a long way to proceed before it overall assumes the duty of hiring. Although, this rapid AI in recruiting solution 100 percent helps recruiters to find better candidates for their firms. With the advanced tech solutions, hiring managers are now able to recruit smarter as well as faster. In this blog, I have discussed every single detail of how we can use AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the recruitment process. I hope this blog has helped you in solving your doubts and giving answers to all your questions. For more details in this regard, you may visit our official website - E Global Soft Services.

AI in recruiting changes the recruiter or hiring manager role through augmented intelligence which will allow them to become more proactive during their hiring process. AI helps them determine a candidate's culture fit. In addition, it improves their relationships with hiring managers or recruitment managers by using data to measure KPIs such as quality of hire.

Automation allows HR managers to adopt a candidate-first approach by utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence) to reduce bias in hiring. By analyzing a wide set of talent field data and providing regular engagement back to applicants, recruiting managers can improve their hiring decisions. The revolution of AI in recruiting allows employers to become better advocates for their candidates.

It has been concluded that AI in recruiting provides several solutions for recruiters to optimize top talent acquisition by taking over time-consuming tasks such as sourcing, and screening applicants, improving the quality of the hiring process, and neutralizing human biases.

According to a recent study from The Sage Group, 24% of businesses are using AI in recruiting (Artificial Intelligence) to acquire talent. and approx. 56% plan to adopt automated technology in the next 12 months.

AI in recruiting solutions can help firms remove bias in the hiring process. In addition, they speed up recruitment and prevent employees from quitting. experts say - 

  • AI uses maximum historical data to spot trends in recruitment and employee retention.
  • Experts at Talespin and IBM said it could make hiring faster as well as inclusive.