The Ultimate List Of The Best Facebook Groups For Recruiters In 2022


If you think you have learned all about recruitment and its tenets, then it's time to learn and gain some more! There are plenty of strategies and intricacies when it comes to recruitment and the subcategories that it contains. If you think you can teach an old recruitment new tricks, I will share the ultimate list of the best Facebook groups for recruiters in 2022 that might change your mind.  

You must keep in your mind a few following things when visiting these Facebook groups and clicking the "+join" button:

  • Facebook groups of substance are included: small, large, and in-between.
  • That is why some of the best Facebook groups for recruiters are deleted from the list of unhelpful or spam content. 
  • They are divided into a few categories for ease of use: there are so many groups that pop up here and there, so if you see a new one or find one that we missed, ensure to comment there and let us know. 
  • The header images are updated or not at the time of posting. 
  • Additionally, the rules and regulations of each and every group should change. 
  • You should always check the group's "About" section to see if the admin of that group has updated anything or not. 
  • Make sure to carefully review the questions that are asked before joining (if applicable).
  • And last but not least, most importantly, join and have fun in these best Facebook groups for recruiters. 

Here, I am going to present a complete list of the best Facebook groups for recruiters in 2022 - 

First Facebook Group: Talent Acquisition Innovators (#TAinnovators)

We are here, introducing the Talent Acquisition Innovators. This is one of the best Facebook groups for recruiters. Talent Acquisition Innovators group should be near and dear to our hearts because we know that we started it within recruitee! However, you need to keep in your mind that this group is not just for the users. The #TAinnovators (talent Acquisition Innovators) was created for recruiters also for the live Twitter chat. So, we can say that Talent Acquisition is a well-established community. 

With exclusive content such as videos, articles, webinars, in-person events, eBooks, and more, this group proposes to add innovative content and as much value to the human resources community as possible.

Purpose: Talent Acquisition Innovators aim to bring together Talent Acquisition professionals and spread knowledge of recruitment trends, tips, tricks, etc., in an exciting and new way.

Admins: Perry Oostdam, Monica Ciovică, Simran Singh, Luisa Spardel

Things you should remember - 

  • Participation is encouraged, but remember one thing, just do not spam. Do not self-promote with no value. 
  • You should answer all the questions in order to be considered. 
  • You must watch out for the "Announcements" as this group (Talent Acquisition Innovators) constantly grows and develops new and creative ideas. 

Second Facebook Group: Secret Sourcing Group

As its name, Secret Sourcing Group, it's likely that most recruiters reading this might want to find out more. Noel Cocca (RecruitingBlogs), Run by Ryan Leary (RecruitingBlogs), and Matt Charney are all some of the best Facebook groups for recruiters and sources to network and learn together. The perfect way to use this group (Secret Sourcing Group) is as a place where you can freely ask questions and can get advice from a community of professionals. These professionals are always there to help others as they believe in learning collaboratively. Expect lively and fun discussions on multiple types of recruitment topics.

Purpose: Secret Sourcing Group has been created for recruiters and sources for sharing and learning

Admins: William Tincup, RecruitingBlogs (page), Hubert Janowski, Noel Cocca, Ryan Leary

Things you should remember - 

  • Secret Sourcing Group is not for sales; that is why no job postings are allowed. 
  • Anything related to self-promotional activities will get you deleted or blocked from this community. 

Third Facebook Group: Recruiters Online 

With approximately 12,283 members, Recruiters Online is one of the best Facebook groups for recruiters as this is the group for hardball discussions about recruiting. The rules are so simple with no job ads, no job hunters, and of course, no promotion of your own agency. Members must be involved in sourcing, interviewing, recruiting, or recruitment marketing or work for an organization that does this stuff. It is not the most famous and one of the best Facebook groups for recruiters. By far, it is the most infamous. Michael Kelemen is someone that you would probably become very comfortable and familiar with if you choose to join this group. He runs the group, along with his own podcast, while keeping his thoughts and opinions at the forefront. However, this is not a bad thing. That is why he is on our list. 

Purpose: Recruiters Online is a group for recruiters or a non-promotional space to share articles, thoughts, opinions, and views around the recruitment community.

Admin(s): Chaim Yuk, Michael Kelemen, Jason Davis

Things you should remember - 

  • You should take everything with a grain of salt.
  • Do not keep your opinions to yourself.
  • You need to be prepared to have some blanter back and forth.
  • Do not forget to make some lasting recruitment connections. 

Fourth Facebook Group: The SocialTalent Community

The SocialTalent Community is a culmination of online learning programs for people who work with people, and this Facebook group (The SocialTalent Community) extends that. It is introducing another and one of the best Facebook groups for recruiters, The SocialTalent Community that is influenced by a service. The SocialTalent community is a community to be social and learn sourcing talent. It might have the company's logo in the header, but it is a place where you can share and learn recruitment tips and tricks. This group's "About" section says, "This page is by the ninjas for the ninjas!" but they have not updated that yet.

Purpose: The SocialTalent Community's goal is to give you a space where you can meet other people who have a passion to work smarter, ask questions, live happier, share thoughts and opinions, and help us to grow the community into the best place for people so that they can find all they need to know and understand about the recruitment. 

Admin(s): Shifu Annalena Morris, SocialTalent

Things you should remember - 

  • There is no need to be a user of SocialTalent to join and participate in the group.

Fifth Facebook Group: The Recruiter Breakroom

The Recruiter Breakroom is one of the best Facebook groups for recruiters in 2022, where you can go to seek support and give support. It appears to be like a virtual breakroom where we can converge and talk about our work with like-minded professional people. So, what is better than that? 

Purpose: The Recruiter Breakroom's goal is to provide recruiters with a support network that will include career advice for recruiting careers, techniques, and tools. 

Admin(s): Rebecca Sargeant

Things you should remember - 

  • This group is not active enough at the time of writing this article.
  • However, everyone is welcome to join The Recruiter Breakroom and cheer fellow recruiters.   


I have explained five recruitment groups on Facebook. Each one of them provides an excellent opportunity to learn new things. Hopefully, one or more of these best Facebook groups for recruiters will match your needs and fill the emptiness that your Facebook group's feed has been missing! And still, if you have questions on how to join a specific Facebook group, how to interact and engage with professional people, please let us know. Our "E-Global Soft Solutions Services" is always there for you.

Here are the top five most popular recruitment sources - 

  • General online job boards and websites (89%)
  • Employee referrals (81%)
  • Social media (55%)
  • A staffing agency or third-party recruiter (58%)
  • College and university websites and online career centers (58%)

The following are some of the recruitment sources that you should not avoid

  • Lacking a structured hiring process.
  • Not attracting the right candidate.
  • Making the whole process last longer than necessary.
  • Failing to engage with candidates.
  • Not involving other staff members.
  • Avoiding candidate feedback.
  • Posting jobs in the same old spots.
  • Making decisions based on gut feeling.

Yes, no doubt. It is a legitimate website.

Facebook utilizes third-party recruiters. Facebook has internal recruitment teams that work on recruitment for both interns and full-time employees.

Yes, it is an excellent recruiting tool. Using Facebook for recruiting is a very effective way to reach passive candidates.