What Are RPO Services? [Types, Benefits And How Do They Work]


RPO services, or the recruitment process outsourcing, is a third-party service where an RPO provider recruits candidates for their client's firm. The firm transfers the complete or the part of its workforce hiring process to an RPO provider. The RPO services provider then source, screen, interview, hire and onboards the candidate with the right skills using creative strategies. An effective RPO service provides the best hiring solution matching the firm goal and recruitment. The latest hiring technology, flexible process, cost-saving solutions, and talent analytics makes RPO services the best. 

How does RPO Services work?

RPO services start with the clients' need, and according to that, the PRO provider plan, source, screen, and hire the right talent. The RPO provider plans its hiring strategies according to the time, project, and cost. They create the JD or the JS according to the need and start their recruitment process. 

Planning: RPO uses its large data of skilled candidates to fulfill the current need of the candidates. They also check talent by role, department, and location to find suitable talent for their clients that meets their hiring needs. RPO providers also make a hiring plan and strategy by predicting the future needs of the employees if needed. According to the hiring plan, they follow the next step of RPO services: sourcing. 

Sourcing: According to planning, the RPO providers use targeted sourcing strategies to source the candidates. They perform deep sourcing to address the client's needs to fulfill their hiring needs. Talent mapping, sound sourcing, predictive analytics, and employer branding are vital in sourcing or finding the best talent. 

Screening: The screening process of the RPO services include behavioral, personality check, skill assessment, and candidate interviews. This process ensures that the client gets the candidates with the required skills. It is one of the most vital steps of the RPO services where you check candidates' skills to find the right one. It helps find the best fit for the firm that fulfills their hiring needs. 

Recruiting: After the screening, the next step of RPO is recruiting. The RPO recruiter finds the best talent and hires them for their clients. The recruiting process may differ with different RPO providers. Some RPO providers perform the complete hiring process, whereas some perform the part of it. When an RPO provider takes the entire hiring process, they schedule interviews, handle salary talks, and issue offer letters. They even maintain the quality and image of their clients. 

Reporting: After successful hiring and proving the offer letter, the candidates can join their clients' firm. The RPO provider remains accountable to the hired candidates even after being hired by their clients' firms. They ensure the candidate remains in the firm for a long time. The RPO providers also analyze the recruiting metrics of the candidates, such as productivity, retention rates, Etc. 

What are the Different Types of RPO Services?

With the varied need of the employees for different roles, projects, Etc., there are various types of RPO services. These RPO services help fulfills the multiple needs of the firms. With the right strategy, speed, and flexibility, these RPO services help raise the firms' employees with quality candidates. With various hiring demands, the RPO services are divided into five types such as-. 

  • On-Demand RPO Services
  • Project-Based RPO Services
  • Hybrid RPO Services
  • Enterprise RPO Services
  • Total Talent RPO Services

Here is a brief about each RPO service that the firm can ask for from RPO service providers. Both firm and the RPO providers must understand the type of RPO service required and perform the hiring process. 

On-Demand RPO Services: The flexibility to the hiring needs is the key feature of the RPO services. If there is any spike in the firm's hiring, then on-demand RPO services play a vital role. This quick demand requires instant access to data or resources that RPO providers have to give a quick hiring solution. Their data of skilled candidates make them provide the best talent to their clients with the proper role and department. 

Project-Based RPO Services: When a firm starts a new project or expands, they require employees. The RPO providers help hire the best talents that meet the need of your new project. Some project-based hiring is for the short term that gets completed once the projects finish, i.e., on a contract basis. The RPO providers help raise the employees with experienced talents for the project. They fulfill all the short-term or long-term hiring needs of their client. 

Hybrid RPO Services: The hybrid model of the RPO services allows the firm to benefit from RPO providers and the firm's existing recruiting teams. It helps firm improve their recruitment quality by giving them part of the hiring process in the hands of expert RPO recruiters. This kind of RPO service ensures hiring the best talents meeting the JD of the firm. This creative strategy takes the hiring process to a new level to bring quality, speed, and efficiency. 

Enterprise RPO Services: An Enterprise RPO Services (also known as Full Service RPO or the Full Talent Lifecycle RPO) takes care of the entire recruitment cycle of the firm. It covers each step of the hiring process, such as sourcing, screening, hiring, employer branding, interviewing, Etc. These RPO services help raise efficiency, reduce hiring costs, and increase hiring quality. The PRO provider ensures to execute each step of the hiring process correctly. 

Total Talent RPO Services: This unique RPO services with a holistic approach to hiring the right talent, including RPO and MSP. The recruitment process outsourcing and managed services programs make hiring effective and efficient. This RPO service allows both RPO and the MSP to be part of the hiring process. It helps get a diverse and cohesive workforce solution with the right recruitment approach. 

Why Choose RPO Services?

Reduced Hiring Costs and Time: One of the major factors in choosing RPO services is a reduction in the hiring cost. Many firms spend a lot of time and money on headhunters and job boards. The quick and simpler methods of the RPO providers make the hiring process quick. It helps firms save much time and money on hiring, assuring good employee retention. It even does not ensure to give quality candidates with good employee retention. 

Improve Hiring Quality: A skilled employee can give a good outcome to the firm. So, hiring a quality candidate with the right skills to match the firm's needs is vital. The RPO providers analyze the hiring need, plan the process and fulfill the open position of the firm. The RPO providers use talent analytics, predictive analytics, and large data to find the right candidate for their clients with the right skills. Finding the best talents with proper skills increases the quality of the hiring. 

Talent Pool: Good RPO providers always have a large data of skilled candidates or the talent pool. These data are categorized by role, skills, location, Etc. The RPO recruiters can take out the best talents from the data, which can be interested in joining the firm. This data helps look for talented candidates with proper skills. It saves a lot of time on hiring without compromising the quality and giving the best to their clients. 

Employer Branding: Employer branding is a key factor in attracting the best talents. The RPO providers can improve employer branding with the right strategies. A good firm identity is required to attract and retain skilled candidates. A good identity makes a good impression on the firm and the RPO provider. It also makes existing or new candidates trust the firm and the RPO provider. The firm reviews must be good to improve the hiring quality. 

Creativity: RPO services provide a creative way of hiring with the latest technology and techniques. The innovative strategies make the hiring process effective and efficient. The RPO service providers' recruiting skills improve creativity and give an excellent outcome. Modern recruitment technologies, expert recruiters, and innovative ideas make hiring tasks effective. It enhances both the quality and speed of the hiring process. 

Final Verdict

RPO Services help firms increase their workforce by receiving the whole or the part of the firm's hiring process. The RPO service providers or the third-party recruit the best talents for the firm, saving time and money. It helps companies overcome all hiring challenges proving the best talent to them.

RPO providers are the third-party companies with the proper staff and technology to hire candidates for their clients. Their team includes expert recruiters who source, screen and hire the best talents for their clients.

No; any small or large firms can take RPO services. Each RPO service provider works differently and has a different budget. A firm can check the policies of the RPO provider or asks regarding the same and choose that suits your budget.

RPO services are much cheaper than the traditional hiring process. Their quick search and advanced technology make the recruitment budget-friendly. They help save a lot of money and time with simpler hiring steps.

Of course, the RPO services help find the best talents in different fields such as hospitality, software, healthcare, Etc. You can look for the best RPO services with long experience and relevant knowledge of hiring for the software industry.