What Is RPO Consulting? (Introduction + Services + Benefits)


You might have heard of the term Business Process Outsourcing which is abbreviated as BPO. But, do your knowledge of the term RPO. Undoubtedly, a seasoned human resource (HR) would be very familiar with the concept of RPO consulting. In this blog, we will discuss the same for those who are unaware of it. Let's discuss one of the crucial parts of workforce planning and figure out whether or not your business needs it.

What Is RPO Consulting?

The RPO consulting is exactly as the name states. A firm simply seeks a platform with the proper knowledge for recruiting top candidates and properly improving the overall process. In this case, an RPO consultancy provider offers advice on how you can improve the overall recruiting process. They tell you which tools would be best while hiring top talents. Also, they advise how to do social media recruiting.

When a particular firm needs help, the question arises, "What type of help do you need"? And this is where RPO consulting comes in. So now, let's acknowledge what kind of clients are best suited for RPO consulting.

How Does RPO Consulting Firms Work?

From in-house RPO consulting to a staffing agency, the recruiting processes of firms have a long way. And, RPO consultancy will always be at the top of this chain. In the recruitment process outsourcing model, an RPO consulting team works with a firm so they may understand the hiring needs and find relevant solutions based on them. The RPO consulting team then takes part in the entire recruitment process in order to hire qualified candidates, fill current empty job roles, and manage future needs.

Why Is RPO Consulting Important?

Most business owners worry about outsourcing such hiring-related processes to an external party. But the following reasons will help you to understand why businesses need an RPO consulting service for their firm's survival:

  • With clearly mapped and well-managed strategies, RPO consulting team prevents bad hiring decisions. Also, they bring more stability and usefulness to the process.
  • RPO unloads the hiring burden from your HR teams' shoulders and lets them work on vital day-to-day tasks.
  • RPO partners with the firm and works as a wing of the internal team. They are just as invested as any other member of the firm in onboarding the right people.
  • RPO consulting providers come up with talent acquisition methods that give a particular firm's businesses an edge over their competitors.

Clients That Are Best Suited For RPO Consulting!

RPO consulting is one of the few RPO consulting that would work with just about any client. At any level, recruitment process outsourcing must have some consultation so that the RPO consulting provider can meet the client's needs to the best of their capability. But if you want some knowledge as well as expertise, RPO consulting services can be the best choice for:

  • Anyone who is about to set up a recruiting process or an HR (Human Resources) department.
  • Big firms that are looking to make bold decisions on their resources. For example, reduce their processes or to find someone to look at their recruiting processes. 
  • Those people that are going through a union or an acquisition, where different processes or employment brands should be evaluated.
  • Startup firms experiencing growth would need proper help with RPO consulting and setting up the process.

What Do The RPO Consulting Services Include?

The RPO consulting services provider covers one or more of the below services:

  • Workforce planning: workforce planning is perfect for forecasting both short-term and long-term needs.
  • Strategic sourcing: RPO consultation providers help us to identify the platforms where high-performing and qualified candidates are available.
  • Candidate Management: recruitment process outsourcing delivers an effective end-to-end experience that begins from starting from targeting the particular candidate to the onboarding process.
  • Overall Analytics Support: It also helps to build checklists and processes so that they can be measured and identify the metrics of the entire hiring process. 
  • Best Talent Engagement: It helps a specific firm to position the company and its culture.
  • Early Career Options For Freshers: RPO consulting services can be used to develop multiple outreach programs for internships, graduates, vacation schemes, apprenticeships, and more.
  • Hiring Manager Engagement: RPO consulting and methods helps to improve channels of communication between a recruiting manager and the overall account teams.
  • Pre-Employment Screening: recruiting services also include pre-employment screening processes that conduct via employment history, background checks, and other records of the particular job applicant.
  • Compliance & Risk Management: This step is most important to make sure that all the recruitment processes are legal, ethical, and in line with regulations. 

RPO Consulting Services: What Are The Key Stages?

In adopting any of the above RPO consulting services, these are a few aspects that an RPO consulting provider typically follows:

  • Data Collection - The RPO consulting manager receives all the information on the company's existing recruitment processes and conducts an overall stakeholder analysis. This is one of the most critical milestones while implementing an RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) and can take up to even three weeks. 
  • Mapping The Process: based on the above process, the RPO consulting provider manages a proper map that figures out all the actions that will be undertaken by the internal hiring team, hiring managers, and the entire RPO team. 
  • Modification of Management: As new teams begin to expand or focus on their duties, there needs to be a modified recruitment management plan in place. This will clearly outline how the particular firm should handle the internal messaging & timelines in order to get the smooth onboarding of the RPO teams.
  • Training: Every stakeholder from the firm and the RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) team will undergo training to confirm the success of the process. The aim of the training is for everyone to be on the exact carrier with the updated recruiting process, technology, as well as duties.

What Are The Benefits Of RPO Consulting?

  • Reduce time & cost to hire: RPO services providers follow tough timelines to meet the hiring needs. Therefore, RPO consulting services can offer a minimum of a 30% reduction in the cost-per-hire.
  • Quality of hire: RPO consulting service providers follow extensive protocols in order to ensure hiring those capable people who meet the firm needs.
  • Scalable Solutions: RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) works on the principle of a scalable as well as flexible solution where a firm has to pay only for what they need.
  • Reporting & Analytics: RPO services providers analyze, measure, and highlight the insights from every stage of the recruiting process in order to allow for useful decision-making.

Final Words

With RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) in ever-increasing popularity, RPO is quickly replacing all other models of recruitment in order to provide a more holistic workplace. If the RPO provider and the company work hand-in-hand, there is a possibility to create a win-win environment for managers, employers, HR, and the candidates. In order to learn more about the point of RPO consulting service or the other recruitment process outsourcing engagements that providers offer, then visit E Global Soft Services.

Recruitment process outsourcing, abbreviated as RPO, involves an employer turning the duty of finding potential candidates over to a third-party service provider.

Yes, they do. RPO services provider knows well that firms need to handle volume in-house. RPO team offers mobile-friendly solutions that allow firms to assess and hire top talents in volume quickly. They screen the job applicants and allow them to scale while providing the best hiring experience to both the applicant and the hiring manager.

The role of an RPO consulting provider is to help a firm to find the most qualified, curious, and available talent that will be successful within the organization's culture. And in order to succeed at this, a recruiter or hiring manager must constantly be on the lookout for any holes in their understanding of a position.

RPO providers deliver the following five important benefits:

  • Improve talent quality.
  • Boost innovation
  • Reduce time to fill 
  • Decrease costs.
  • Increase scalability.

An RPO consulting team works with the firm to understand their hiring needs and find a solution based on them. Then, the RPO team takes ownership of a part of or the entire recruitment process to generate and qualify candidates, fill current roles, and, possibly, manage future needs.