What Is Social Media Recruitment? (Importance, Benefits, And Drawbacks)


Social Media Recruitment is known as an HR plan in order to attract better job candidates for several open job positions. In the social media recruitment method, firms create a presence on several social media platforms. This way, this method helps to boost their brand and the interest of people in applying for several open job roles.

Social Media means different websites and apps that are mainly designed for people so that they can come together. Also, it helps them in sharing content quickly, completely, and in real-time as well. In this complete blog, I will teach you every little and big aspect of social media recruitment.

Social Media Recruitment: An Intro

Social Media Recruitment is a recruiting process where the recruiter or hiring managers hire top talents through social media platforms. There are many social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc., that are used as talent database platforms and ads. We see that everyone is using social media, and the reach for social media recruitment platforms is also higher. Social Media provides a clear idea about a candidate's persona and also the firm's aura.

Social media profiles of a particular candidate can be used by recruiters or hiring managers in order to get a background check of them. Several firm pages on the particular candidate's social media platforms give aspiring candidates all the relevant information and job vacancies in an institution.

What Is The Importance Of Social Media Recruitment?

Social media recruitment includes using social media networks not only as a form of job portals. In fact, it also helps in order to build your firm's brand image as well as develop a perfect bond with potential candidates. In social media recruitment, job seekers are encouraged in order to apply for a vacant job position via several social media platforms. Because they feel they are more connected and also aware of the firm.

Social Media Recruitment Vs. Other Types Of Recruitment

You might have seen or heard about the different types of recruiting processes such as internal recruitment, external recruitment, online recruitment, and so on. In all the above types of recruiting methods, it is important to make a direct connection with candidates. But the social media recruitment method does not require any kind of direct connection with candidates. In social media recruitment, it is also important to use the right connection at the right time. You must know that today, LinkedIn is the largest social media platform that is used by potential recruiters or hiring managers in order to find out the top candidates. 

According to the research, hiring managers use LinkedIn as the first and most effective place as well in social media. This way, they can be able to find out the accurate candidate with more than 95%. Facebook is in the second position with around 50%. In addition, you must know that recruiters use more than 45% of Twitter profiles in the form of a reference. Apart from these large platforms, recruiters or hiring managers also use Google+ (around 20%) and Pinterest (around 4%). In addition, there is another advantage of using the social media recruitment method that it is Free of Cost. This way, you can easily share your content with many people with just one click. You would feel glad to know that social media platforms provide you with an open space to connect with everyone freely. Also, social platforms open up about your needs.

What Should Be The Plans For Social Media Recruitment?

Every firm should have its social media recruitment plans in order to attract more qualified talent into the firm's database. Here, I am going to explain some of the few plans which you can make use of:

  • Engage With Your Targeted Audience

As a potential recruiter, you need to start engaging by responding to the candidates on several social media platforms. This way, engaging with your targeted audience helps in building trust and a perfect bond with job seekers.

  • Share The Accurate Posts 

You should not spam with a post related to just vacant job vacancies and about your firm. Rather than this, you must share different senses of humor posts as well as industry trends. This will help to keep your followers engaged.

  • Choose Authentic Social Media Platforms 

You must choose the social media platform that perfectly fits the kind of persona you are looking for in the particular candidate & the job opening.

  • Involve Your Employees

Involving your existing employees is also one of the most important parts of the social media recruitment method. In this, you may ask your employees to share the post about the vacant job opening. They (employees) should also share anything interesting that happens with them at their workplace on social media platforms.

  • Join Relevant Groups 

As a part of social media recruitment plans, you should join groups and follow several pages that are relevant to recruitment or your firm. This way, you will stay updated with your market. In addition, you may post about all the vacant job openings in these groups so that you can reach your targeted audience.

  • Know The Power Of Hashtags & Use It

You need to know the power and art of hashtags if you want to be trending and the talk of the town. This way, you will be able to attract more audiences to your profile. Also, hashtags build brand awareness for your firm.

  • Use Videos 

Using videos on vacant job openings is also one of the most important parts of social media recruitment plans. You can make videos about your firm's culture, employee experience, job vacancies, and much more. After that, promote it on social media platforms in order to reach passive candidates.

What Are The Benefits Of Social Media Recruitment?

As we have discussed above, Social media recruitment allows recruiters or hiring managers to engage with candidates and develop a strong connection with them in real-time. Here, some of the benefits of social media recruitment are as follows:

  • Social Media Recruitment allows firms so they can reach qualified candidates faster at a lower cost. This costs less compared to different job portals and recruitment agencies.
  • Employers can easily make engagements with the targeted audience using social media recruitment. It also helps in order to explore if the particular candidate is an accurate fit for the firm or not. 
  • Firms start getting a higher response rate from skilled, qualified, as well as potential candidates. 
  • Social media recruitment also builds brand awareness and makes people more attentive or aware of job openings.
  • Social media recruitment is a great source for obtaining referrals. 
  • It also allows firms to get a background check, then verifies the particular candidate's background before recruiting them.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Social Media Recruitment?

As every coin has two different sides, social media recruitment also comes with a few drawbacks, and these are mentioned below:

  • Social Media is a public platform. This is why some candidates feel a little awkward when recruiters or other hiring managers check their social media profiles due to privacy concerns. 
  • In the social media recruitment method, an employer can unwillingly and unknowingly become biased toward candidates who actually have well-managed social media profiles. 
  • There can be some social media profiles that might have missing or wrong information about the candidate. This situation can lead to injustice with other job applicants.

The Future Of Social Media Recruitment

Social media recruitment is growing rapidly, with more than 80% of firms using it currently. 9% of firms are planning to use it soon. According to the studies, the millennials (from the age group of 18-34) are changing the recruiting game with 73% as they choose Social Media Recruitment. Most recruiters believe that social media marketing is going to be the most in-demand HR skill.

Available Tools For Social Media Recruitment

In order to find top talents nowadays, recruiters or hiring managers need to be fats as well as proactive. The social media recruitment method is one of the best ways in order to hire the best candidates in today's world. Here are some of the tools that help you to achieve your goals.

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook Page
  • LinkedIn
  • About.me
  • Instagram
  • BranchOut
  • Paper Fellows 
  • Twitter 
  • Hire Rabbit 
  • Jobvite 
  • Big Assignments 
  • Connect. data

Final Words

The social media recruitment method has a bright future in getting the best candidates. This is why hiring managers or potential recruiters have started using several recruitment tools and systems. In the blog above, we have discussed every possible expectation of social media recruitment. I hope now you are aware of how Social Media is a perfect match for the needs of today's job seekers. But, in order to make a perfect company culture, you (employers) have to follow up a streamlined recruiting process with relevant onboarding and a well-developed retention plan. As mentioned in this blog, now you are well-known for the benefits and drawbacks of social recruiting. For more details, you may simply visit E Global Soft Services in order to get the best consulting in this regard.

Social media recruitment refers to recruiting plan that combines recruitment marketing and elements of employer branding in order to connect with and attract top candidates on the digital platform they frequent.

LinkedIn is one of the best social media recruitment platforms as we know it is the most popular professional channel. Facebook and Instagram are also more oriented toward young job seekers. In addition, it helps recruiters to connect with them.

Following are some of the practices that you must implement in your recruiting process:

  • First of all, you need to show off your firm through social media.
  • Regularly post about your team retreats & events that tell the type of employee culture your firm has.
  • Stay active on social media. (using hashtags & creating effective content)

According to studies, putting up a vacant job vacancy on social media can 100% increase candidate applications by 30% to 50%. In social media recruitment, recruiters or hiring managers look for a suitable candidate as well as other relevant networks to get a better understanding of a specific person.

By adding social media recruitment into your hiring plans, you can

  • Attract active and passive candidates
  • boost your employer's brand 
  • target your specific and ideal talent pool
  • Enhance your company culture
  • save on recruiting costs