5 Ways RPOs Provide Recruitment Solution


With job opportunities already reaching & now exceeding pre-pandemic levels, businesses are getting a lot of competition in building their teams. As the hiring process is gaining momentum, the RPOA conducted a webinar. Here, RPOA invited 2 leaders of Advanced RPO to explain the available options to organizations. It includes the options they have for both rebuilding & expanding their recruitment capabilities & the difference between RPO and traditional approaches. 

Tim Hoyer (Advanced RPO's VP of Sales) & John Hess (Advanced RPO's EVP of Operations) led a successful webinar on the topic of the RPO leadership forum. This article brings you the summary of the webinar & how RPOs are standing differently from the traditional hiring methods, including contract recruiting & staffing agencies, and are helping to build a sustainable workforce.

Staffing Agencies & Traditional Contract Recruiters

If leaders in HR & TA ever feel the need to outsource some part of their recruiting strategy, they commonly go to a staffing agency or contract recruiters. Both of these options enable a company to meet its hiring goals, fulfill the recruitment needs for short-term searches, and manage one-off & small-scale searches. With the recruitment needs growing in sophistication, ambition, & scale, there is a need for a strategic yet holistic approach & this is the area where RPOs shine. 

5 Ways RPOs Are Different

Although RPOs are concerned with the role of recruitment & workforce building, there are five ways to prove that they are different from staffing & contract recruiting. Following are the five ways RPOs can be diversified from traditional staffing & contract recruiting. 

RPO Is Holistic

There is an expansive range of RPO solutions. It's a multiphase, holistic approach that starts with in-depth research and ends with a long-term outsourced and optimized recruitment solution with particular objectives and KPIs. It entails assessing the state of the hiring program, determining where improvements are required, developing a full-scale strategy, and then implementing the newly optimized process. It's a powerful mix of outsourcing best practices and talent acquisition insight & skill.

Employers Own The Candidates

The candidates in an RPO are the employer's property. They are driven to the employer's applicant tracking system (ATS) and stored in the employer's database. The benefit constitutes a talent pool that is constantly growing and strengthening and is familiar with the employer's brand, culture, and benefits.

RPO Is An Extension

RPO acts as an extension of the employer's talent acquisition team, working in lockstep with HR, hiring managers, and recruiters. Candidates have a simplified employment experience & are never confused between the RPO and the employer because the people & processes are integrated. It's all the same to candidates, and this is precisely how it should be.

RPO Scales Hiring Resources As Needed

An RPO solution adds recruiting & employment process resources that internal teams may not be able to include, such as market research specialists, screeners, sourcing experts, recruitment marketing coordinators, & more, to optimize the recruiting process. These resources, when it comes to recruiting talent, scale with need & demand, expanding or contracting the talent acquisition force to meet the most current talent demand efficiently and cost-effectively.


With RPO, not filling a job is not an option. The RPO partner's bottom line responsibility is the recruiting results, from KPIs to outsourcing contracts. It's a higher level of accountability that mainly leads to better hires and fewer, if any, lasting vacancies.


RPO is a nimble solution that can grow and adapt as needed, despite its expansive potential resources & processes. A 500-person hiring push in one quarter may be reduced to just a few by the end of the year. RPO can quickly align with current demand to reduce costs while using resources best because it is agile in function and form. Here we invite you to start your job search journey with E-Global Soft Solutions & fulfill your current & long-term hiring demands with the right talent & cost efficiency.