7 Top RPO Companies In 2023 And How They Work


According to research performed by Mullins, any high-performing organization should comprise competitive human resource management, which should be able to assist the organization in placing the right person in the right job. This statement explains that the right kind of recruitment leads to the welfare of any organization.

Given the fact that recruitment or hiring of talents is of such potent importance, the world needed top RPO companies that would specifically perform this function. Basically, RPO is a form of business process outsourcing where a company involves or hires a third-party provider to manage all or parts of its recruitment process.

RPO came into existence in today's business world to increase the efficiency of the organization. The benefit of top RPO companies can be said to hire talents according to the specific needs of the organization, giving businesses enough time to focus on their productivity and not have to worry about hiring procedures. Although RPO is not mandatory for an organization, these days, it is gaining widespread popularity as it surely helps solve common recruiting challenges.

If you are a company or an individual that is in dire need of an RPO company that is reliable and can deliver good employees, then don’t worry, as this blog will rank the top RPO companies in 2023.

The list of companies below will help you choose the one that will meet all your requirements. RPO providers are on the front lines of the war for talent, adding tremendous value to the company they partner with. This statement cannot be truer and more suitable for these times. So, keep reading and find out which one to choose from the top RPO companies around the globe.

What Is An RPO?

RPO, which is an acronym for Recruitment process outsourcing, involves a third-party service provider who has been delegated the responsibility of finding potential talents and job candidates for an employer. An RPO is quoted as an outgrowth or extension of business process outsourcing (BPO). This sector or outgrowth is designed to bring in qualified candidates suitable for the specific job role to a potential employer with minimal or no involvement from the HR department of the employer’s firm or organization. The top RPO companies today work on a contractual basis.

An RPO works for the employer by signing a written contract whose terms and conditions they have mutually agreed upon. In this, the employer is searching for suitable employees to fill up the open positions, and they pass on this responsibility by way of a contract. The contract is of the employer with a recruitment process outsourcing firm, giving away the responsibility to search, screen, and evaluate suitable talents or candidates. The top RPO companies around the globe have bulletproof contracts with the organizations they are working for.

The services offered by RPO firms are mostly availed by medium and large-sized companies and are popular amongst employers needing immediate talent acquisition in technical or specialized areas of their organization. By doing so, the HR department of the organizations can focus more on internal disputes and tasks, and the hiring will be performed by the RPO. The top RPO companies, which specifically focus on the specialized talents needed, can actually find out the most appropriate employee for the job role from the tight labor market.

How Do The Top RPO Companies Work?

Not only the top RPO companies but any of the RPO service providers start with a recruitment process outsourcing agreement. This is a written contractual agreement that highlights the scope of the project, timing, cost, job role, details of the parties in the agreement, and more. Often the HRM (Human Resource Management) staff members and the RPO service providers meet together to create and decide upon the job descriptions of the various job role vacancies in the employer’s organization.

Post the interactive meeting or discussion; the RPO team circulates the word of what was decided about the job position opening using its own technology and methodologies or for spreading the word; RPO might even use the client’s systems and technologies. Once the job opening news reaches potential employees or job seekers and they revert back by sending their resumes for the job position, the top RPO companies assess and evaluate the interested candidates.

In case the RPO companies find any area of improvement, they might also contact the employer. After the RPO process is a success, all the employer has to do is interview a small number of appropriate candidates and make a decision about whether they want to hire or not.

From the above discussion, one might wonder that top RPO companies function just like the internal HR departments of the organizations. So, what is the point of hiring an RPO service provider? The reason why top multinationals and medium-sized companies hire an RPO service provider is that the RPOs are packed with the latest technologies like specialized websites or social media marketing to identify and hire talents that the HR department might not be familiar with. Also, the HR department has many internal tasks which they can easily focus on once someone else is looking for the talent needed from the large pool of candidates.

7 Top RPO Companies In 2023

Now, let us take a look at the top RPO Companies around the world in 2023.

Hudson RPO

The first company is Hudson RPO, which will be among the top RPO companies in 2023. It is a global RPO company that provides recruiting solutions that target worldwide industry talent. The company focuses on customizing unique recruitment solutions according to the needs of the clients. Since it's a global RPO, it can provide you with the service wherever you are, despite your location. It guarantees to deliver creative, innovative recruitment solutions through world-class talent acquisition strategies.

This RPO company has tended to combine nimble solutions with deep industry expertise since 1999. The Hudson RPO also makes sure that the client saves costs with a significant reduction in the use of third-party agencies. It also does faster hiring, saving the valuable time of the employee. As this RPO provides timely reports of data and insights into market trends in the hiring world to its clients, this creates operational excellence and superior risk management.

E-Global Soft Services

E-Global Soft Services, with the best-in-class premier RPO services, would also be a perfect choice. We, with our headquarters in New Delhi, are known in the industry for our high-quality RPO services.

We have expertise in US staffing, UK staffing, and Asia-pacific Recruitment services, with our best-in-class recruiters assisting clients in every step, right from initial work up to the placements. E-Global Soft Services don’t leave any stone unturned. We give our recruiters best-in-class training so that they can better understand the client's needs.

Apart from that, we specialize in four different categories, namely, Website Development, IT Support Services, and Network Security Solutions. We are one of the sought-after RPO agencies in India and abroad, thanks to the value we provide at a fairly reasonable price. This makes working with us beneficial for you, especially in the long run.


The reason why WilsonHSG is among the top RPO companies in the world is that apart from the recruitment process outsourcing, it also provides contingent talent solutions, talent consulting, and executive search. Its global headquarters is based in Tampa, Florida, with various regional offices in New York, Toronto, Romania, England, Manchester, Poland, Hong Kong, UK, etc. It works on a global framework with local expertise, making sure that it follows the government mandates of various areas.

This RPO company guarantees that it has capable and promising consultants that work according to the needs of their clients, making sure that the clients conquer new markets, explore new opportunities and develop new products. The best part about this RPO is its workforce which comprises office-based, onsite, and virtual employees from all around the globe.


IBM, the acronym for International Business Machines, is among the world’s largest information companies. It is not a new name in the tech industry world, which also holds specialization in providing a wide spectrum of software, hardware, and services, including RPO services. The RPO service of IBM is a talent acquisition consulting service that guarantees to transform the client’s talent acquisition strategy and processes with the right balance of data, people, and technology.

The services IBM generates lead to better experiences and more predictable results throughout the lifecycle of hiring. For optimal staffing at your organization, IBM uses the client’s human resources data and market metrics. Talent acquisition consultants help to develop the best talent for employee retention and fill the skill gaps to help fasten the business results. The workflows at IBM are powered by automation and artificial intelligence, which in turn improves the hiring manager NPS by fifty points.

Vector Talent

The reason why Vector Talent is among the top RPO companies in the world is that it works diligently and aggressively to stay at the top of the market trends. Vector Talent is an award-winning Staffing firm that is known for its fast service when it comes to filling critical positions with exceptional employees at clients’ organizations. This RPO has been working since 2012 and has expertise in providing contract, direct-hire staff, and contract-to-hire staff in technology, recruiting, administration, and marketing.

Morgan Mckinley

Morgan Mckinley was founded in 1988, and ever since then, it has made a promising position among the top RPO companies. In fact, around the world, it is popularly known as the ace in global professional services recruitment consultancy. It has its office located in prime financial centres like the UK, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Canada, and Ireland and its global headquarters is in Cork, Ireland.

Since it is a global professional service recruitment consultancy, it connects special talents with top employers across various industries and disciplines. It also provides the opportunity for employers to further the horizon of their business internationally.