A Complete Guide To VMS In Staffing Services (Benefits & Set-Up)


Are you the one who is looking to optimize your non-employee workforce? Or are you looking to manage the staffing agencies you use to source those workers? If so, then you must try the vendor management system abbreviated as VMS in staffing services. A VMS brings a lot of benefits to your firm. It allows you to implement an effective contingent workforce management program that leverages both soft and hard cost savings. Moreover, VMS in staffing services helps in order to improve workforce quality and more planned staffing agency decision-making.

Through the use of a VMS in staffing services, your firm will be able to automate processes for improved management. Also, it will gain complete visibility into your contingent workforce program and build up your staffing agencies for more smart performance data. VMS in staffing services also contributes in order to control the rates that hiring managers pay across your firm.

What Is VMS In Staffing?

VMS stands for the vendor management system. It is a term that describes the processes that most firms generally use in order to manage their suppliers, who are also known as vendors. VMS in staffing services also includes several activities such as selecting vendors, negotiating different contracts, controlling costs, trying to reduce vendor-related risks, and ensuring service delivery.

It would be very interesting to know that the vendors used by a firm vary greatly depending on the type of the firm and its size. According to a few studies, more than 70% of US firms have a single program for contract labor management as well as professional services sourcing & procurement.

What Are The Benefits Of VMS In Staffing Services?

To get started, here are the top 10 ways the right VMS in staffing services can benefit your firm. This way, it will be helpful to increase key business performance indicators.

Benefit 1: Automate Processes

VMS in staffing services simplifies the process of continual assignments and contracts. The vendor management system manages expenditure and responds to new chances. VMS offers automated processes in the cloud that can aid vetting, sourcing, improving assignment, project management, off-boarding, onboarding, and invoicing. It also includes a record of the firm’s external talent. This way, your firm’s recruiters or hiring managers will be able to know who to re-engage and whether a worker’s certification is current. As the external workforce grows, it is important that firms maintain contractor records the same as they do for full-time staff.

Benefit 2: Make Sure Compliance

Your firm faces vital compliance issues from time to time. And it can be internally and externally every single day. From governmental regulations that vary from country to country to corporate onboarding policies, a VMS in staffing services is able to mitigate risk by helping you:

  • Maintain all of your information in one system in order to create endless audit trails
  • Create controls around relevant approvals
  • Leverage important reminders, tenure notices, such as VISA expirations, or a licensing course requirement 
  • Access a single-entry point for all of your available locations and business units in order to avoid any wrong results.

Benefit 3: Reduces Costs

Leveraging a vendor management system, abbreviated as VMS, helps your firm save money in a variety of ways. A VMS in staffing services helps to better manage your payroll and note errors in overtime or false rates. Moreover, this system taps into resources already in your system. This way, you will be able to avoid additional hiring and training costs. You just have to gain insight into a variety of labor types and their associated rates. As a result, you will be able to make better decisions.

Benefit 4: Improve Onboarding Process 

This is true that workers whose skills are in high demand in the market nowadays are more likely to select businesses. Firms feel these workers are easier to work with and that they have a real process to invoice and payment. The VMS in staffing service clearly defines and automates processes that contribute to worker satisfaction. Also, this process provides a smooth path to contractor productivity.

Benefit 5: Building A Stronger Workforce

VMS in staffing services helps you in order to make smarter decisions. This way, you will be able to ensure that you have a more strategic workforce for the long term. For example, use the platform to figure out the ideal labor type, such as IC, temporary, intern, etc., for each role. And then, you will need to figure out the best way to source it. Think about the ecosystem of solutions that are combined with the service provider. Such connections will be very important to your firm as you engage flexible talent with the help of online marketplaces. Also, you want to use other complimentary online services so that you can increase sharpness and save time.

VMS In Staffing: How To Set Up?

Do you want to set up both vendors and firms for a successful relationship? If so, you need to take many parameters while defining your setup plan.

Make sure your implementation plan does not only include a detailed definition of internal business processes. Your plan should also include easy-to-follow bidding processes, clear ethics rules, and a framework for project timelines, milestones, and check-ins.

Final Words

So, ultimately, the right VMS in staffing will 100% allow you in order to secure hard-to-find skills, stay nimble, and scale up or down in order to meet demand. Also, with the help of VMS in staffing services, you will be able to respond quickly to competitive threats and pivot to capitalize on new changes in our fast-paced. I hope now you understand how your business deserves to have VMS in staffing services. Well, there is a lot to know about VMS (vendor management system). To learn more about vendor management systems (VMS) and, then visit our website E Global Soft Services & get all your queries solved in this regard.

VMS stands for vendor management systems. These are software or online apps that work in order for the procurement of staffing services between the employer and staffing agents. VMS in staffing usually includes supplier management, talent management, and SOW project sourcing and management.

A vendor management system abbreviated as VMS is an internet-enabled and web-based app that works as a tool for business. This way, VMS helps in order to manage as well as produce staffing services.

For example, a VMS in staffing provider may charge a 0.5% fee on spending. Suppose your firm spends around $10million a year on non-employee labor. Then that is a planned cost of $50,000 dollars each year in order to use the vendor management system 0r VMS in staffing.

Once you have the right VMS in staffing services, your firm can gain the following five benefits of a VMS:

  • Improvement in vendor selection.
  • Power up supplier relationships. 
  • Negotiable rates & better value.
  • Centralized contract management. 
  • Smooth performance management.

VMS is software or a website that allows the MSP team to contact and exchange data with the client as well as staffing agencies. VMS in staffing services performs tasks such as:

  • Deliver the needs to the staffing agencies.
  • VMS is also famous for tracking different kinds of metrics related to the hiring process. 
  • Regularly contact the particular HR team in order to pick up new requests.