An Ultimate Guide To Mobile Recruitment (Benefits & Tips To Use)


The talent war is going on, and you are running out of possible ammunition. Suppose this is your condition as a recruiter or a hiring manager. The situation is a bit critical but not hopeless. Dig deep into your pockets. What did you find? You will find the perfect weapon, and that is your smartphone. The mobile recruitment method is becoming a powerful recruiter driver in order to attract the best people. In this ultimate guide, I will be teaching all the important aspects of mobile recruitment. You will be learning what mobile recruitment is and why the smartphone is an important method to attract high-qualified talent.

What Is Mobile Recruiting?

The mobile recruitment method is not a recent trend, however, with the ever-growing technological qualities of smartphones. Mobile recruitment has also grown stronger and acquired a more outstanding place in the overall recruitment strategy. Mobile recruitment is a term that is used for recruiting high-qualified talent using mobile technology and several apps and hiring them on the go. For potential recruiters or hiring managers, leveraging mobile technology in order to engage candidates also comes under mobile recruitment. So how exactly does the mobile recruitment process work, and what are its benefits and tactics? Let's examine now.

What Are The Benefits Of Adopting Mobile Recruitment?

Here are the top 3 mobile recruitment benefits that you should know in order to hire top candidates effectively and efficiently:

Benefit 1: Better Candidate Experience

Changing your traditional hiring process into mobile recruitment has the ability to improve your candidate experience. As you know, it is not possible to always stay in front of a computer. Job keepers cannot always be available with computers or laptops. This is true for people who work in firms that need their employees most of the time. For example, these firms include construction, transportation, and grounds maintenance. But office workers who are in and out of meetings most of the time often also benefit from the mobile recruitment process.

Benefit 2: Saved Money & Time

Simplifying and streamlining the hiring process with mobile recruitment helps in using everyone's time in a better way. Mobile recruitment also shortens the time it takes to fill the vacant job position while saving both time and money. After all, all the processes of recruiting candidates, researching a top talent, then scheduling an interview and screening can be annoying. It is especially complex to connect with a lot of job seekers in different time zones - but these can be the best people for the job.

Benefit 3: Improve Employer Brand

Now, it's time to witness another reason to go with mobile recruitment. And this benefit is about enhancing your employer's brand in order to attract more candidates. Keeping yourself comfortable with the tech demonstration, you are the one who actually cares candidate's job application experience. Also, mobile recruitment helps you to position your business as progressive as well as proactive.

Mobile Recruitment: Tips To Achieve Your Goal

Smartphones are becoming central in major recruitment plans. For plenty of years now, applicants have been able to look for job openings using their smartphones through plenty of job portals such as Monster, Indeed, and Glassdoor. Do you already have your positions on these job boards? It's quite good, but tomorrow, it will not be enough. Here, I am going to teach you some of the most important tips on mobile recruitment that you must implement in order to achieve your goals:

Tip 1: Use Current Mobile Recruitment Apps

Using existing mobile recruitment apps is still the simplest and cheapest option as well. Mobile recruitment also allows you to reach a huge number of talented candidates. In this section, I will give you an idea of some of the best mobile recruitment apps that you may use.

Let's start discussing with Kudoz, which is a French-made job researching app. Just like other recruitment apps, job seekers use their LinkedIn profile in order to apply for a particular job role with a single click. Firstly, candidates have to answer a few questions. Then the app suggests perfect job roles that match their profile. All they need to do is scroll through and click on the job that you find relevant. And, apply. Now, let's come to another recruitment app, Jobr! This app also works on similar principles as Tinder. Its focus is to set the perfect match between a candidate and recruiter.

Tip 2: Develop A Mobile-Friendly Business Site

Here, let's discuss the second tip that you must use while the mobile recruitment process, and this is about developing a mobile-friendly career site. This is really useful for those who are looking to recruit a huge number of the best candidates. Without a mobile-friendly business site, your recruitment ads can easily lose visibility. By implementing this tip in mobile recruitment, candidate engagement will be improved as a whole. It is true that we can't carry our computer or laptop with us all the time. Here, a mobile-optimized career site role comes. Job seekers can easily reach you to achieve their dream job from anywhere, anytime.

Tip 3: Adopt The Basic Features Of A Mobile Phone

As a potential recruiter or a hiring manager, you might have experienced building relationships with job applicants is never so easy. Especially seeing as the closeness of the bonding between the job seeker and recruiter plays a very important role in the employer brand. You must take inspiration from the tools that candidates use themselves on a daily basis. Formal emails are not so popular in order to confirm receipt of an application, pass on the information about the various phases of the recruitment process, or arrange an interview date. Nowadays, all you need to do is send a direct text message to the candidate. This is the best tactic in mobile recruitment.

Tip 4: Build A Devoted Recruitment App

Building a dedicated mobile recruitment app is an excellent way to showcase your company. Also, it means your employer brand must be well developed. Otherwise, no one will download it because people cannot carry their computer or laptop all the time. If you develop a devoted and perfect mobile recruitment app, then most people will download and use it on a daily basis. There are plenty of benefits to having your own recruitment app. In this app, you can publish various testimonials from your current employees and introduce professions via videos and job ads as well. According to a major survey on recruitment methods, there are only 7% of firms currently have a mobile recruitment app. But when they do hire using these apps, more than 70% of them get satisfied with the results. This is such an amazing chance to achieve your goal. So just grab it.

Final Words

Mobile phones are set to become an important step in the HR (human resource) conversion funnel. According to several studies, it is clear that approximately 60% of web traffic comes from wireless devices. This is true, and there is no doubt because we know that people use their smartphones rather than computer or laptops for all-day use. So, we have discussed today's hot topics of digital transformation, and now you know that mobile recruitment is a sure-fire path to success. Not only will it give a real boost to your employer's brand, but it will also give you more time for various tasks with a higher added value. If you are still confused about how you can use mobile recruitment to reach high-qualified candidates quickly, Visit E Global Soft Services in order to get the best guidance on your queries.

Mobile recruitment refers to a process of using handheld devices such as mobile technologies in order to connect and engage with potential candidates. With the help of the rapid evolution of smartphones, the mobile recruitment method became a new way of recruiting.

The mobile recruitment method has the potential to increase your firm's reach to passive candidates. Passive candidates are those people who are too busy to go to a job board or career site and search for a better job role. Even these candidates always check their smartphones on a daily basis as we know this is an essential part of our schedule. This is why mobile recruitment is important. In short, more than 90% of people use their smartphones in order to look for that dream job.

Following are the ten best mobile apps for hiring top talent via mobile recruitment:

  • Indeed. 
  • LinkedIn.
  • Textrecruit. 
  • Calendly. 
  • ZipRecruiter.
  • Workable.
  • Monster.
  • Homebase

If recruiters or hiring managers are doing mobile recruitment in the right way, they can easily reach top high-qualified candidates. The application process via mobile recruitment is also a quicker also simplified version. In addition, this also makes the entire process less time-consuming and encourages fast responses. Through mobile, candidates can cast a wider net and then apply to more jobs. This way, their chances of landing their dream job increase.

Here are four tactics mentioned below a recruiter or a hiring manager can use to win over the best talent, just using their smartphone.

  • Use existing mobile recruitment apps
  • Develop a mobile-optimized business site
  • Use the basic features of your mobile phone
  • Develop a dedicated and effective mobile recruitment app