Importance Of Hiring An Outside Recruiting Expert For Workplace Planning


Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partners can be a great ally for companies' workplace planning. The significance of workplace planning and having the right people in the seat can’t be ignored. Jim Collins, an American researcher, once said, ‘great vision without great people is irrelevant’ while Bill Gates said, ‘take our twenty best people away, and our company would become unimportant.’ 

It shows that workplace planning is directly responsible for the success of any business. Workplace planning is considered one of the most daunting tasks for many organizations, but it can be resolved with the support of an outside expert, such as an outside recruiting expert. 

Let us not jump directly to find how an external recruitment expert helps an organization and find more about workplace planning. 

What Is Workplace Planning?

Workplace planning comprises planning and analyzing for the future of your workplace. This is done against your current supply of human capital. It also helps assess your company's strengths and weaknesses and determine if you have the perfect people in the right roles. 

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, workplace planning is a process of analyzing the current workplace, determining future workforce needs, and finding gaps between the present and the future. It also involves implementing solutions so that businesses can accomplish their goals, missions, and strategic plans. 

Why Is Workplace Planning Crucial To Your Business?

Workplace planning is essential for the successful future of any company and its employees. Companies with proper workplace planning must have coped with the coronavirus pandemic and the economic downturn caused by it. It helps businesses to remain resilient and flexible during tough times. 

Furthermore, it can adapt quickly to changing labor costs, customer needs, skill gaps and helps to improve job productivity, satisfaction, and employee engagement. The following are a few benefits of workplace planning: 

Make Strategic Labor Cost Cuts

The primary benefit of workplace planning is that it helps human resources and talent acquisition leaders to see how much revenue unfilled jobs cost their company. It also informs chief financial officers (CFOs) to cut labor costs strategically. Business leaders around the world have been cutting labor expenses since the pandemic. A recent survey reveals that 67 percent of CFOs from the United States are looking to cut their labor costs. 

Workplace planning allows company leaders to find different options for reducing labor expenses. These options include layoffs, compensation changes, remote work, and condensing work schedules. A great workforce plan gives all stakeholders a way to see numerous financial and operational elements together. 

Anticipate Skill Gaps

Large businesses have reported that reacting to skill gaps instead of anticipating them causes around a 3-5 percent rise in labor-related expenses. As workforce planning is a forecasting mechanism, talent acquisition, and human resources leaders can find the gaps between their existing talent and the talent they will need in the future. As a result, they can anticipate and act faster to fill those gaps and prevent unintended labor expenses. 

Improves Job Productivity And Satisfaction

Fundamentally, workforce planning aims for the right talent with the right skills at the right place and time to reach the company’s business objectives. This doesn’t always mean that an employee’s skills match the skills needed for the job description. A few times, an employee’s abilities exceed the required skills for the job. If the company fails to utilize employees’ talent appropriately, productivity and job satisfaction will gradually diminish. Those employees then will find employment elsewhere. 

HR leaders can use workplace planning to evaluate the internal labor needs of the company and employ the most skilled workers where the need is most significant. It can also be said that a workplace plan gives HR the ability to fill significant roles within the organization with existing talent. This creates a win-win scene where the employee is productive and satisfied while the company's business goals are met. 

Adapt Quicker To Changes In The Needs Of Their Customer

Customers’ needs generally change fast. At the beginning of 2020, customer needs changed in a blink of an eye. Businesses all around the world switched to a work-from-home model to meet their needs. Furthermore, places such as restaurants changed to curbside service, takeout, and delivery services in order to accommodate the new customer needs the pandemic made. Having a workplace plan lets human resources leaders function smoothly to abrupt changes. 

A proper workforce plan helps business leaders analyze conditions inside and outside the company to find significant areas to employ their new remote workplace. Generally, customer needs will change as the pandemic continues to unfold. These changes will ultimately shape new business models in every industry. The external recruitment agency would recommend deploying a workplace plan to remain flexible. 

Enrich Employee Engagement

Employees are more likely to connect with the company and its mission when satisfied with their work. RPO agencies agree that this sort of connection enhances the company's culture. Workplace planning uses predictive and analytical models to align business objectives with the development goals of employees. 

Moreover, workplace planning helps human resources leaders to find which career path fits each employee’s unique development objective. It also helps set each employee on the right track to utilize that employee's skills fully. 

Role Of An RPO Provider In Empowering Your Workplace Planning

Recruitment process outsourcing is primarily a solution that has enormous potential. Companies generally transfer all or part of their permanent recruitment to an external provider, what we call RPO. Unlike the traditional recruiting method, an RPO provider extends a company’s human resources wing and provides a holistic hiring solution. 

With the help of external recruiting solutions, you can get the necessary technology, staff, and methodology required to fulfill clients' recruitment needs. When it comes to working on a workforce plan, RPO agencies help human resources and talent acquisition leaders to deploy a flexible and adaptable plan. 

Focus On Specific Workplace Needs

When it comes to workplace planning, there are several moving parts. Business experts generally refer to workplace planning as the children’s game, whack-a-mole. As soon as one obstacle is solved, another appears with its ugly head. The perfect RPO partner such as E-Global Soft Services can quickly pivot from one issue to another with quick and easy grace in such situations. 

With the help of an RPO provider, businesses can overcome a specific workplace need that is relevant to a crucial role within the company. Apart from this, RPO providers help to locate unseen skill gaps and resolve them fast. Companies that collaborate with external sources of recruitment see a reduction in cost per hire. As per a recent report, 81 percent of best-in-class organizations think RPOs help fill skill gaps, while 36 percent of those same organizations reduced their cost of hiring working with RPOs. 

Help TA And HR Leaders Go Beyond The Hiring Standards

In-house talent acquisition and human resources leaders pay attention to cost per hire and source per hire. Apart from recruitment and selection, RPO providers ask questions such as what is the revenue per employee? What is the number of key jobs unfilled? What is the revenue per your top performers? And many more to help company leaders look at talent acquisition as an investment, not an expense. 

Furthermore, experts suggest that focusing on talent acquisition’s revenue aspects will show a real return on an organization’s talent acquisition investment. It will also help companies remain flexible and resilient to make wiser hiring decisions and overcome recruiting challenges. 

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The primary goal of workplace planning is to have the ideal people in the right jobs at the right time.

The two types of workplace planning are operational and strategic.

The following are the workplace planning strategies: 

  • Get the right people at the right time
  • Create better schedules
  • Effective communication
  • Smart forecasting
  • Flexibility

Environmental analysis is considered the very first step in workplace planning.

The workplace planning is primarily conducted by the recruitment partner, human resources department, and business leaders.