How To Build Powerful Facebook Recruitment Strategies?


We are very well aware about the fact that social media is becoming an essential part of everybody's life. We live in an era where approximately 2.90 billion people use Facebook worldwide. The facts say that Facebook is one of the most excellent social networking websites across the world and the second most visited website on the WWW - World Wide Web after google. This platform has also become a strategic business and recruiting tool for both small and large companies. Posting a job and learning how you can build powerful Facebook recruitment strategies is quite simple. Facebook grants you to post or recruit jobs for free, which makes it a cost-effective tool that can easily reach the most targeted audiences. 

In this ultimate blog, we will be teaching you is Facebook good for recruitment? And most importantly, you will know the answer to how you can build robust Facebook recruitment strategies. Here, I mention all the practical steps that will help you create Facebook recruitment strategies

First Step - Build Your Facebook Career Pages

Firstly, you need to stop thinking about the overall size of your company. As a part of your entire Facebook recruitment strategies, you must develop your Facebook career pages. It would be the perfect landing zone for candidates (who are seeking new roles) to find new opportunities within your company. 

Make sure your company's Facebook career page must be presented with a content strategy that directly focuses on recruiting process for job positions and interaction with top talent. It is the proper place where job seekers can come to locate the job role that they are looking for. You should mention the details about your corporate brand, your organization's mission, culture, product line, job opportunities, and the services that you provide can build your company's complete picture for job seekers. It includes plenty of features to share your company's story, like photos, videos, events, and posts. 

Second Step - Don't Forget To Include Storytelling And Images.

Every job seeker wants to better understand your company and what it stands for. The storyline of your company's history can catch the interest of users. Thus, you should highlight the unique strengths of your company's history. 

For example, how old is your company? Was your organization the first of its kind? Did your company begin the latest industry trend? Anything means anything. There must be an essential and intriguing differentiating factor that attracts candidates towards not just the job opportunities. In fact, it attracts them towards your overall company brand. In addition, images are robust to any social media platform. This is the fact that not all job seekers or viewers take time to read all the text written on job posts. Photos of staff members and workers having fun can probably attract job seekers and engage them to take more time to read the storyline. Thus, including storytelling and images is one of the powerful Facebook recruitment strategies you can implement to attract the best talent. 

Third Step - Build An Employer Brand On Facebook

As you have probably imaged by now, successfully recruiting on the Facebook platform should not be managed as an after process to your other recruitment efforts. If your company wants to see great success with Facebook recruitment strategies, as we have offered, it should be employed to some extent to finish with the overall competition from other Facebook users.

Curating your organization's brand image to best match the edges of Facebook does not take much effort. All that we want to explain is to practice speaking directly to the particular audience that uses Facebook to view their desired job postings, along with companies and brands that they enjoy following. It is essential to understand your viewers and customers. Facebook Analytics is always there to help you. It provides an overall understanding of your business relating to your website, Facebook page, and Facebook applications. Thus, we can say that building an employer brand is one of the most essential and powerful Facebook recruitment strategies

Fourth Step - Target Audience Advertising

As you have noted with Facebook Analytics, how you choose to engage with viewers will largely figure out how successful your organization is at hiring top talents and job seekers. Photos, content, and storytelling are all important. Here's the recommendation that you do not have a flat advertising narrative that helps in overlapping from ad to ad. you need to make it unique, and once you get interested or posts from interested, and qualified parties, you have to engage with them immediately.

Therefore, the good news is that Facebook can guide you in this way. It grants job posters and employers for targeting an audience for each requirement based on a collection of including location, criteria, career interests, years of experience, and desired pay. This way is one of the valuable and effective Facebook recruitment strategies.

Fifth - Integrate Facebook With Your ATS (Applicant Tracking System) 

The Facebook platform has done an incredible job of partnering with ATS vendors to better fit more prominent employees who generally have an ATS. This grants them to post jobs within the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) as well as allows them to upload into Facebook jobs. There are generally two ways that employers can use their ATS to upload within Facebook. This first would be "native apply," and the second would be "redirect."

Native apply basically refers to Facebook's Jobs XML feed, which grants ATS providers to publish job posts on behalf of their customers who are employers. And, Redirect option is the process of redirecting candidates that are seeking jobs to the employer's career from Facebook, where they can easily apply for the job opportunities. Therefore, Integrating Facebook with ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is another and one of the best Facebook recruitment strategies

Sixth Step - Create A Job Post On Your Company's Facebook Page

Posting job ads on your Facebook page is one of the most accessible Facebook recruitment strategies that engage most audiences in significantly less time. This is the best way to get the word out about your organization's job role that you might have posted on job portals like Indeed. Since job posting on Facebook are free, you can easily create them and invite applicants to apply through your ATS so that all the applicant-related data and activities are in one location. This way, we include the job posting process in Facebook recruitment strategies


Learning Facebook recruitment strategies is a key for each business to make sure that they are not missing out on any quality talent. Here, in this blog, I have explained numerous Facebook recruitment strategies that can implement in your hiring process to get the best talent out there. Your primary focus must be on attracting and engaging job seekers. As you start using recruiting tools in your hiring strategies, be sure your Facebook page, career page, and the overall content therein all present a united front that personates your company's brand identity. I hope these compressive details about the Facebook recruitment strategies that I have mentioned in this blog will meet all your needs and requirements.

From the candidate's perspective, the recruitment process is quite typical. It generally starts with phone interviews with potential team members and recruiters. After that telephonic round, candidates visit the company or campus for a series of in-person interviews, or you can say for a tour.

Following are the few steps that you must follow to create a recruitment page on Facebook - 

Step 1: Firstly, you need to find potential candidates.

Step 2: Then, create a Facebook page.

Step 3: Share your company culture and environment. 

Step 4: Now, what you have to do is simply create a Facebook recruiting job ad.

Step 5: Start free promotions of your Facebook recruitment job ad.

Step 6: Then, start paid promotion of your Facebook recruitment job ad.

Step 7: Use the Facebook live feature to engage job seekers.

Step 8: Now, Create a job tab

Step 9: Build communication with candidates.

Step 10: in the end, do not forget to share specialized recruiting content.

Landing a job on the Facebook platform is quite challenging. Facebook is one of the most iconic tech companies to work for in modern history. Thus, its standards are on an extreme level and high. You must also consider the competition as many highly-skilled individuals are applying to work at Facebook.

Whenever you think about social recruitment, LinkedIn might be the first social media platform that comes to your mind. However, the following are some of the essential reasons why you must include Facebook recruitment strategies in the hiring process – 

  • Facebook has an expanding number of users by five new profiles per second. So, this is simple to understand that Facebook gives recruiters a wider reach. 
  • Facebook enhances the employer brand.
  • Facebook Increases employee referrals.
  • It reduces hiring costs and time.
  • Huge And Diverse Talent Pool

Facebook's recruitment strategies or process consists of four main parts. These are resume screening, phone screenings, on-site interviews, and hiring committee reviews. While each part of the hiring process has its own importance or value, the most challenging and toughest parts are phone screenings that go around 1-2 rounds and on-site interviews that can be done in 4-5 rounds.