How to Choose The Right Recruitment Agency Software?


Recruitment agency software refers to a cloud computing tech software that stores all your staff data. It secures the data from the pre-hiring stage to the post-hiring stage. As we know, technology has no limits. There are different recruitment agency software in the market that help to hire managers or recruiters in the entire hiring process. But still, more than 65% of employers face difficulty to find the best talents in the market. Why is that so? 

There might be many recruitment agency software, but you have to choose one among them. You need to pick one recruitment agency software according to your needs. But, how would you be able to know what to look for in recruitment agency software so you can choose the best?

This ultimate blog is all about what you need. I will be explaining all the important aspects of recruitment agency software to clear your confusion and get your answer. 

What Is The Goal Of Recruitment Agency Software? 

Finding skilled and qualified employees was never easy. But as we are observing tech advancement in the market, it is a little harder to find top talent. The future seems more difficult about this. Recruiting agency software should be there to manage a firm's staffing data, engage candidates, forecast your needs, find the skilled and desired talent, and more. With globalization, there are no boundaries when it comes to hiring candidates. 

Likewise, if there are so many people willing to work, you would never reach the perfect job match. Therefore, you need to have recruitment agency software that helps to hire managers to automate all the steps. Recruiting steps include tracking your progress and generating reports so that you will be able to know your weak points. The overall recruitment backend is full of the different processes managed by recruitment agency software. The recruitment agency software includes most hiring processes, including generating job posts, best sourcing platforms, developing rapport with candidates and employees, etc. over 90% of recruiters said that recruitment agency software created a positive impact on their entire hiring process. Therefore, most firms use recruitment agency software for their needs. It is just so important!

Ways To Choose The Right Recruitment Agency Software

Here, I am going to mention some of the features that every hiring manager or recruiter needs to look at while choosing the right recruitment agency software for their firm. 

Customization Of Recruitment Agency Software 

One problem has many solutions. You cannot expect wonders from any standard software. A recruitment agency software should be flexible. It should be ready for any kind of customization so that you can use it as per your need. Maybe you do not need email marketing. But if sometimes you will need to start it, your recruitment agency software should be able to adopt it. Its programs should not get a wide shock for small changes. And customization should not be there at a cost. It should be free. 

Cost Management Of Recruitment Agency Software

Cost management is a very important thing if you are looking for recruitment agency software. It would be bad if you spend a lot on your recruitment needs when you know you have other expenses too. Your recruitment agency software should have a costing feature system. This way, you will be able to set a budget for your every recruitment need. A cost management system in your software will help you to reduce overspending. This plan will help to grow your business when you are directionless by just throwing your money here and there. As per studies, firms spend approx. $4129 per hire. It takes approximately 42 days to fill a vacant job position. So, with recruitment agency software, you may easily reduce the extra expenses such as time to hire and cost per hire. 

Strong Recruitment Analytics Of Recruitment Agency Software

If your recruitment agency software provides detailed and in-depth analytics of your overall recruitment process, it is the one. In-depth recruitment analytics gives you a statistical overview of your performance. Your software should not be there, just telling you how many applicants have applied for your company. It should also tell you which interface your applicants have used. Mobile or desktop?

For example, if you know that 70% of applicants use their mobile to apply for a job. After knowing, you will probably like to make some changes in your hiring plans. You would be able to analyse the little details in your mistakes that might be the reason for the bigger problem over time. Thus, in-depth recruitment analytics should be available in your recruitment agency software. To see the results of your recruitment plans, the recruitment agency software should also provide a summary of your past efforts. It should also tell you about your past action's pros and cons. 

CRM And ATS Integration In Your Staffing Agency Software

CRM And ATS are like sister software. One feels lonely without the other one. ATS always uses CRM to find and hire the best candidates for the firm. But there is a problem. Not all the recruitment agency software provides these 2-in-1 benefits. You might find the best ATS for staffing agencies, but sometimes they lack this most important integration. When you are spending a big amount, you have to know what is best for your recruitment agency

User-Friendly Recruitment Agency Software

All software seems to be a little complicated with so many programs in them. But a few software of them is also user-friendly. If your candidates and employees find it difficult to handle, what's the point? Of course, you buy it so that it can make your work easy and increase the quality of your work. But, if the recruitment agency software is not user friendly, most of them will be using in learning it first. As a result, productivity will be declined. You need to make sure your recruitment agency software is user-friendly. A one-time training process should be enough for your employees. Otherwise, they would feel stuck in the whole process. 

Security In Your Recruitment Agency Software 

Security is a feature that you should not compromise on. As a recruiter or HR manager, you receive lots of applicants' data that needs to be in a safe hand. Make sure that the recruitment agency software you are choosing should provide you with high-end security. It just gives you the security of the data with individual login details. Also, this software helps you in checking data encryption during data backup, storage, and transmission. The high-end security of recruitment agency software makes it super attractive. This should be your priority in any purchase decision. Your software must have a strong programming system, so it would not be easy to hack. 

Data Sharing Feature Of The Recruitment Agency System

Are you planning to buy a new recruitment agency software? Make sure it should be able to get the data from the old system. In addition, it must also be able to transfer data to other software. This way, everyone would have access to the hiring stages and their information. This is one of the toughest situations, and you should be aware of it. In case this is missing in your plans, then you can think about the tiresome and loaded work that might fall on your shoulders. 

Most recruitment agency software has this feature, but some do not. You should always enquire about it before making any big decisions. 

Recruitment Agency Software As Your Virtual Diary 

Your recruitment software should work as your daily virtual diary. This way, you would be able to allot time to the task, set a schedule, get notifications for meetings, etc. if you want to rhea to those important records, a search bar must be capable of decoding the tags you put in. for example if you have a meeting on Wednesday at 9 PM at CFO's office. And you do not remember the exact information. You need to search for CFOs in your notifications. This way, you would be able to reach it if you are getting zero results for your keyword research. Then you have to switch to another software as this is not the perfect recruitment agency software for you. 

Free Trial Of Recruitment Agency Software

I would like to suggest you do not ever fall for that recruitment agency software that does not allow a free trial. You are investing, so you must get the value of money. Before deciding which software you should choose, go for a free trial. This way, you can try most software so that it would be easy for you to choose. All recruitment software tells what kind of features they possess and what services they provide. But, when you practically use that particular software, it would be a next-level experience. 


This ultimate blog guides you on how you can make a decision while choosing one among many recruitment agency software. You should know what to look for in the important features. This way, you would be able to find the perfect software for your particular needs. The features include customization, free trial, user-friendliness, and more. Instead of making the wrong purchase, improve your productivity by following this guide and deciding what software would be the best for you.

Recruiting software is software tools used by recruiters or HR managers, talent acquisition professionals, and hiring managers to streamline or automate some part of the recruitment workflow process, including functions such as sourcing a candidate, then selecting, then screening process, and in the end interviewing candidates.

Not one! Following are some of the most popular recruitment software:

  • JobDiva.
  • Firefish.
  • Zoho Recruit.
  • Bullhorn ATS & CRM.
  • Big Biller.
  • Crelate.
  • Vincere

A Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is an important tool for any staffing firm. It allows hiring managers to build and manage relationships with large pools of candidates and effectively manage the overall recruitment process.

A recruitment database is a searchable repository of your jobs, applications, candidates, contacts, notes, and communications so that it can be easily accessible and reused. A recruitment software database grows with time. It can be done with the use of an easy to use online recruitment database software.

The three most common types of recruiting software are candidate relationship management (CRM), applicant tracking software (ATS), and interviewing software.