The Ultimate Guide To Social Recruiting (Strategies & Statistics)


Recruiting has totally changed in the past decade. The firm should grow its workforce in this expanded competing world. Do you want to attract top talent? For this, you should adopt social recruiting plans in your recruitment process. The job market is mostly shifting. There are not all firms finding for new skill sets or talents, but the way all the firms search for their ideal employees has turned on its head. In this blog, we are going to discuss all the details about social recruiting. After reading this ultimate guide, you will be able to know all the benefits of social recruiting. So, without delay, let's know about the plans and statistics of social recruiting

What Is Social Recruiting?

As we understand by its name, social recruiting is known for using social media platforms. Social media platforms help firms to find the best and bright candidates so that their amply roles can be filled. You might have heard this process as social hiring, social recruitment, social media recruitment, and dozens of similar versions. 

Ways To Use Social Media For Recruitment! 

A big part of the recruitment process depends on the specific social media platform and its feature. This process also involves job ads, searches, recruitment tools, social networking, and anything else your hiring managers team may need. 

LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the biggest and the most skillful networking tool in the market. It features an entire job portal site with many search and analysis tools for those who can pay for them. This is the biggest and the most famous platform for social recruiting

Facebook. Facebook works a bit differently. It allows users to create company profiles and pages. This way, they can post job ads on this platform. Then, they try to boost them via whatever budget they feel is correct to extend their reach among users.

Twitter & Instagram have fewer routes into the social recruiting process. But they still offer unique ways to get your firm's methods into the world. It does all the process with multiple paid options for your wider reach needs. 

Every social platform needs a strategy. During all the time of recruitment, you need to maintain a skillful attitude and the best work culture in your firm. Also, you have to retain a constant business brand so that you can attract all the fresh and top talent. This way, social recruiting plays a vital role in the recruitment process as a whole.  

Top Social Recruiting Strategies 

When you start to build any social media recruiting, you will start to realize that meaningless pool of chances on offer. Social recruiting plans depend on how creative you and your hiring managers are. There are more chances than first appear. Your plans should never stray from your brand voice. You should remain with your firm's mission. In this section, I will be explaining the entire list of actions that you should consider during a social recruiting process. If you manage half of them, that is enough. You will be doing great!

  1. First of all, you have to create your goals before starting your social recruiting campaigns
  2. The next step is to figure out the best social media platforms for your targeted candidates. This should be your primary recruitment goal.
  3. You can use videos to promote your open job positions in the social recruiting process. This way, you will be able to engage with passive candidates.
  4. Start creating and sharing articles and infographics about your firm and business in social recruiting
  5. You can start discussions on relevant posts. But stay calm. You can promote your brand voice and your firm social recruiting best practices. 
  6. Do interactions to make your online brand advanced and improved. 
  7. You can include your firm's employees as a part of your social media campaign. 
  8. Start joining and engaging with all the relevant LinkedIn and other social media groups.
  9. You can join industry-specific social media platforms where they hold real and qualified candidates for social recruiting
  10. Try to actively engage as many different social media platforms as possible. 
  11. Do not forget to share only quality content. This way, you can uphold your brand and users' interest. 
  12. You have to create chances for users so that they can engage with your business and content. 
  13. Try to explore every social media ad platform to expand your reach while social recruiting.   
  14. You must provide flawless contact chances and drive engagement. 
  15. Make your job application from ads and posts as simple and readable as possible in social recruiting
  16. You need to keep candidates engaged by creating an online firm page. 
  17. Do not forget to use hashtags during the social recruiting process
  18. You have to optimize your business pages for relevant keywords and content. 
  19. Always promote sharing roles & pages with your contacts, connections, and clients wherever possible. Remember one thing! This is not going to break the platform's rules. 
  20. Monitor all the social media platforms for the latest news, discussions, forums, problem-solving groups, and industrial apps.
  21. Use application and insight tools to learn more about your followers and visitors. Figure out how you can grow your network to fill empty job roles. 
  22. You should maintain a healthy mixture of different types of posts. 
  23. You need to continue to highlight your company culture if you want to have a healthy social recruiting process
  24. Do not forget to plan your social media calendar to give the best mix of information within your posts.
  25. Consider social media planning for social recruiting and posting tools to integrate cross-platform activity. 
  26. You should link your social media accounts to your job pages, website blogs, and company profile pages. 
  27. Remember to measure your results and figure out the data so that you can build new best practices and better performance of social recruiting

Top Social Recruiting Statistics

According to the studies by the Brighton School of Business and Management earlier, the following social recruiting statistics are the important numbers you should be paying attention to:

  • 94% of recruiters already use social media platforms to perform the social recruiting process
  • 78% of recruiters or hiring managers have already landed a hire through social recruiting.
  • 30% of all the searches on Google are job-related.
  • 93% of recruiters check a candidate's social media profile.
  • 43% of job seekers also check the firm's profile or page using their mobile phones. 

Pros & Cons of Social Recruiting Process

There are many advantages to using each of the different social platforms. It depends on which social media platform you choose for social recruiting. Social recruiting can create a minefield of not just positive and healthy debate, but there is a hope of abuse and distrust too. It is very easy to create a bad impression if you are not 100% aware of your content and engagement. Your social recruiting plans will probably bring an abundance of fresh meat to your firm. And at a far lower cost. 

  • Social recruiting is a cost-effective option for job boards. 
  • The social media recruitment process can give you a wider reach to passive candidates than traditional job pages and sites. 
  • The social recruiting process can speed up hiring times.
  • With the help of social recruiting, you can track and target your top talent. Do not wait for them to come to you. You have to find them yourself. 
  • You can encourage referrals in social recruiting with just a few clicks. 
  • You can build brand strength and promotes company culture. Also, you can be able to create a highly fascinating working environment.
  • Social recruiting helps you develop personal connections with all possible candidates. 


It's time to wrap! Social recruiting is the best solution for the needs of today's job seekers. Social recruiting plans play a vital role in the whole hiring process. Also, this is a very important process that every recruiter or hiring manager should implement in their hiring strategy. Therefore, employers need to follow up with a social recruiting process with meaningful, relevant plans. I hope this blog has helped you in a better way to solve all your problems. I have explained almost everything about the social recruiting process. But, if you are still confused about the details given above or want to know more, visit - E Global Soft Services for more.

Social recruiting is important as well as effective. This process not just helps you find the ideal candidate but also increases the chances to show your firm across the world. When you post new job ads on the social media platform, you get able to strengthen your brand. Also, this recruiting method helps you build trust among potential employees.

Social recruiting is the method hiring managers use to find candidates through different social media platforms. This process also considered social media recruitment, social recruitment, and social need. In addition, social media is widely used in employer branding.

Following are some of the flaws of social media recruitment:

  • Sometimes social media profiles show false information about the candidates.
  • This process needs knowledge of social media best practices.
  • Sometimes social media recruitment process can be time-consuming.

by adding social media to your hiring plans, you can attract active candidates to your firm. You can easily target your ideal and specific talent pool. This process helps you boost your employer's brand as well as company culture. Also, save on recruitment costs.

Recruiters or hiring managers can check out potential candidates' social media profiles. This way, they get a sense of who they are and what type of job they are looking for. Recruiters use many channels in their social media recruiting plans, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Glassdoor, YouTube, Google+, etc.