Tips On Writing An Excellent Job Description To Attract Flair Candidates


These days, RPO or simply recruiting is an extremely competitive field, and finding a perfect candidate for a perfect job has become a challenge. Writing an enticing job description is an initial step towards grabbing the attention of the flair candidates to apply for one of your job postings by showing up clearly what type of entity you are and what tasks and responsibilities the job entails.

Here are a few tips on how to write an attractive job description for the openings that can effectively communicate about your existing job openings and eligibility criteria for the candidates. Here is the list below:

  • Accurate job title and real job profile summary
  • Be transparent about the responsibilities
  • Be clear about the skills and qualifications
  • Brief them about the company
  • Include salary details & benefits
  • Be precise about the employment type & location 
  • Contact information. 

Adequate Job Title & Summary

You need to always write an accurate job title with an effective summary of the position you are looking for. The title, incorporating the level of experience, should mirror the job perfectly. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the job description and job specification you are giving mirrors the company’s culture and industry standards. Plus, put a concise job description of the position. The job description must include its aim and overview of job responsibilities. Pick a writing style that precisely goes with your company's culture and the nature of the position. If you are willing to hire a flair candidate for a startup with an unpretentious culture, make sure you use words that induce that feeling. 

Be Pellucid About The Job Responsibilities

You need to give a clear hint of the vital duties and responsibilities of the position. It is a great idea to sort them into bullet points and start each point with a verb in the present tense. You should be clear on how often and how much time a task needs to be performed, as this will provide the candidates with a transparent idea of what a normal day at this position will seem like. Avoid using fuzzy descriptors, such as “once in a while” “often” when explaining the tasks.

Always Clear About The Required Qualifications & Skills

In your job description, mention all the necessary and must-have experience and qualifications, alongside you can also mention any preferred skills. Be clear about each qualification, such as licenses & certifications, the level of experience, as well as any preferred technical proficiency.

You also have to put the attributes or traits you expect the applicant to showcase in the role, for instance, behavioral competencies such as flexibility, leadership, initiative, teamwork, and effective communication.

Brief Them About The Company

Anticipate that the applicants know nothing about your startup or pre-existing company. Therefore, you must fill them in on brief details about the company or brand, such as the objectives, its industry type, along with its mission & vision. Other necessary information such as the number of employees, branch locations, and annual sales can also be mentioned.

Be Precise About The Employment Type & Location 

Give the applicants a clear outline of hiring someone to fill a part-time or full-time position. Even if you are looking for an internship position, let the applicants know if it is paid and the complete duration of the internship.

It is also necessary to mention the organization's location to make sure that you are targeting the right candidates, as there is no use in people applying who are out of the area and not willing to relocate.

Include Salary Details & Benefits

In case you are not sure about a specific figure, add a salary range. This enables for variation depending on the experience and education of candidates. In addition, you should include benefits such as medical insurance coverage, a number of paid vacation days, pension plans, travel reimbursement, housing benefits, etc.

Contact Details

Be sure that you mention up-to-date contact details so that flair candidates can effortlessly reach out to you if they have doubts or queries or want to apply for the job. However, an email address is often sufficient. You can also include a contact number if you wish. 

Learn To Write An Attractive Job Description

Elucidating the position and the perfect candidate is the most vital step in the recruitment process. It will not only assist you in focus, but it will also make sure a better interaction between you, your hiring stakeholders, and your candidates. Recruiters who are not prepared in advance risk catching the attention of unqualified candidates. 

Here, we will also discuss a job description example to outline how you can write an effective JD. The most effective talent acquisition strategy is to know how you would define the job opening to get yourself one step nearer to publishing your job opening? A great tip to begin is with a questionnaire.

Suppose you are a Hiring Manager or HR, a questionnaire is ideal for researching how you want to display your job opening to your targeted candidates. If you are hiring and staffing on behalf of a Hiring Manager, sit them down and interview them to find the answers.

A questionnaire can aid you to draw answers and insights for the following:

General Details

Including general details is one of the basic recruiting tips, and it would help you find the right candidate for the position. This must include:

  • Position description, meeting date
  • Job title
  • Department


The next step in the recruitment and selection process should be including expertise or skills. Here is what you can include in this section:

  • Culture fit requirements
  • Total years of experience requirements
  • Educational qualifications
  • Additional certification requirements
  • Target companies/universities


The recruitment process consists of several recruitment strategies, and one of them is writing an enticing job description. While writing a job description, you must include compensation and employment type:

  • Full-time or part-time role
  • Hourly rate or salary range


To set the performance criteria, you should ask these points from the Hiring Manager:

  • What does success seem like in this job role?
  • What would make the hire NOT the right fit?
  • How will you measure or define success?


To make the job posting more informative, include these things: 

  • Available interview dates
  • The main area of focus in the interview


Including a timeline is another important aspect of the recruitment process. Here is what you can ask from the Hiring Manager to improve the effectiveness of the job description:

  • Target Date to Start
  • Target Date to Fill
  • Target to Review Initial Set of Candidates

After having the above information from the Hiring Manager, you have to bring your responses to life in the job description.

When creating the primary job description, you must follow your organization’s preferred format or template. It should be comprehensive enough that when the HR team or recruiting staff assigns position type or salary, they possess all the necessary details.

To increase applicant traffic and exposure for the job description, make sure it's effortlessly scannable, and that "fuzz" is left out. Plus, make sure you have optimized your job description for search by placing relevant keywords so that flair applicants can easily come through your job opening online. 

Examples On How To Write An Effective Job Description

The recruiting process is long since it has multiple stages, and conducting the whole process sometimes leads to ineffectiveness. So, to avoid common mistakes, you need to go through some examples. Here is the sample template:

IT Recruiter Job, Full-Time, Lackland Ave, Piscataway, NJ

E-Global Soft Services (mention your company name) is looking for an experienced and skilled IT recruiter to join our recruitment venture full-time in Lackland Ave, Piscataway, NJ. Recruiters aid in creating and implementing recruiting strategies and processes to complete special projects as required.

If you're looking to connect with a company where your work contributions count, where your suggestions and ideas are recognized, where you can learn and add value each day, and strive for your personal and professional development. In that case, E-Global Soft Services is the right place for you.

IT Recruiter Education and Job Requirements:

  • Recruitment or sales (3-5 years in IT recruiting preferred)
  • Bachelor's degree preferred
  • Phone exposure (customer service, sales, etc.)
  • Past training experience
  • Track record of career success and longevity in other jobs
  • Account Management, inside sales, outside sales
  • Strong technical, interpersonal, and computer skills

IT Recruiter Job Responsibilities:

  • Recognize and source flair candidates for present IT job openings
  • Make 40-80 outbound calls daily
  • Call new, freshers leads every day
  • Build candidate profile, qualifications, skills, and experience
  • Match applicant on open orders and sell open orders to candidates
  • Give an explanation of job roles and responsibilities to potential candidates
  • Screen candidate as per company norms and job requirements
  • Provide a minimum figure of candidates to clients
  • Commitment to work 45-50 hours every week and stay active to reach candidates

That’s all for the day! These tips mentioned above on writing an effective job description will surely help you find and reach the flair candidates for the job opening. However, if you want to avoid this long and daunting process, you should hire an agency that can do this for you. E-Global Soft Services can be your true companion in the recruitment and staffing process. We will shortlist, screen, reach, and recruit the most efficient candidates for your company who can benefit you for the long term. Visit our official website for further information.