What Are The Top Advantages Of RPO In The Post-Pandemic Era?


Recruiting after the pandemic seems like an intimidating task for many. You will be surrounded by questions such as, will there be another wave? Will you be able to support recruitment efforts financially? And many more that could be putting off recruiting new talent again as we enter the new normal. However, there is no doubt in the fact that recruitment can be quite significant to help businesses flourish and succeed; it will help fill vital skills and replace employees. 

Thus, when we enter into the new normal, having external guidance for your recruitment efforts would give you comfort and peace of mind in times of uncertainty. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) could help in many ways; it will help in hiring on a mass scale to revolutionize your business, meet an influx of demand, re-planning your entire recruitment strategy. 

It is generally perceived that outsourcing is an expensive solution that is only appropriate for large-scale companies. However, a more flexible RPO model can also be great for all businesses regardless of their sizes to help them survive in a post-COVID era. Before looking at the advantages of RPO, let us find more about the process in detail. 

What Is RPO?

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is primarily a workforce solution in which a company transfers all or part of its permanent recruitment to an external recruitment agency. An RPO or external provider is responsible for permanent recruitment management within a company. Furthermore, it also manages HR and other functions of the business. In an organization, an effective RPO program consists of a talent acquisition team, flexible recruitment processes, and the latest recruitment technology within a company. 

A partnership between marketing, HR, and recruitment efforts means that an external recruiting agency can help companies to enhance employer brands, improve their ability to attract potential candidates, and help the human resources team to run internal processes and to improve employee engagement. 

Advantages Of RPO In The Post Pandemic World

There are innumerable advantages that a great recruitment process outsourcing agency can help when businesses enter a relatively unknown reality and with uncertain business results. Let us find out some major benefits of an RPO provider in times of uncertainty. 

Flexible Recruiting Solutions

Nothing is predictable right now, in your business or anywhere else. Therefore, experts suggest partnering with a flexible RPO provider when companies emerge from the pandemic. Before the pandemic, companies have always needed to scale up and down their recruiting efforts to meet targets and demand. 

Moreover, a flexible RPO solution can help you quickly respond to spikes in recruitment or pull back if finances become tight. It will help you focus on your efforts on several parts of the recruitment process as and when it is required. 

At one point, you may need to access recruitment sourcing capabilities, while at another point, you may want to raise brand awareness with the help of a recruitment marketing campaign. The best part of flexible RPO is that it will allow you to make amendments whenever required easily. 

Less Risk Than In-House Recruitment

Another advantage of working with an RPO recruitment provider is that it provides less financial risk to your company. Your company won’t be forced to commit to a high, fixed-cost recruitment team all year round when you partner with an RPO provider. Unlike in-house recruitment, you will have to pay for the resources you need. 

Access To Expert Knowledge

An in-house recruitment team may have expertise in your industry or field. Still, RPO providers have a vast range of knowledge that you can utilize as they possess years of expertise across various sectors and industries. 

Their knowledge can benefit different aspects of your recruitment strategy, including enhancing the candidate experience, sourcing talent, promoting your employer brand, and refining your employee value proposition (EVP). RPO providers carry out major tasks every day and help build up a wealth of knowledge that could be used to benefit your business. 

Innovative Recruitment Strategies

If you want to delve into the world of creative recruitment strategies and think of something unique to attract top talents, an RPO partner may help. RPO providers can develop unique concepts that will resonate with potential talent when it comes to recruitment marketing campaigns. 

RPO partners have experience in creative recruitment strategies that have worked in similar situations and industries. They know the perfect methods of digital advertising, even on tight budgets. Furthermore, they will help you conduct an innovative recruitment campaign to attract potential candidates. 

Faster Hires At Lower Costs

Experienced recruiters who work for RPO agencies can help you hire at a much faster pace. For almost everyone, the coronavirus pandemic has created the need to shorten the time to hire as we have needed to fill roles urgently. 

RPO providers have access to talent pools, contacts, and extensive knowledge of your industry to meet these tight timescales. Studies reveal that average RPO providers can reduce time to hire by 25 percent. 

Outsourcing recruitment ensures the entire process is streamlined, and your hiring managers will only see the perfect candidates, saving you time and effort that results in faster hires for your business. 

Better Quality And Diverse Hires

One of the major objectives of an RPO provider is to ensure that your company gets the best permanent hires irrespective of difficult markets or niche roles. Unlike in-house employees, they have more time to attract higher-caliber candidates for any position. They know all the strategies that result in better hires and would point out any red flags for candidates, such as signs that they may not leave their current employer. 

Adapt Recruitment Strategies To The New Normal

Partnering with an experienced RPO provider will help companies and their recruitment process smoothly adapt to the new normal. The hiring process has changed so much due to the pandemic, and businesses are focusing more on online and digital ways of recruiting and interviewing candidates. 

In such cases, RPO providers will use their expertise and knowledge to ensure you remain the director or employer of choice for top employees in your sector. Furthermore, they will align internal processes to effectively manage a remote workforce and prepare for localized lockdowns or a new wave. 

Navigate The Post-Pandemic Landscape

An RPO provider will help to take the pressure off your human resources and recruitment teams which will help businesses focus on succeeding after the pandemic. Partnering with a perfect RPO agency such as E-Global Soft Services can help you free up resources to prioritize well-being and restore employees' confidence. 

Moreover, you can work on helping your company recover from the turmoil of the past few months without worrying about the hiring efforts. 

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