What Is The Importance Of Content Marketing In Recruiting?


Content marketing in recruiting is a plan by which firms build relationships with their employees. Firstly job applicants research your firm so that they can decide if they are a perfect fit for your firm or not. Then, the content is the only thing that gives them an idea about what they need to learn about that particular job role. Through content marketing in recruiting, candidates learn more about your company culture, employer brand, and many more. Engaging and informative content marketing in recruiting also attracts candidates. You can make your sites rank higher on google. This way, content can help in making a solid reputation. In this blog, I am going to teach you how content marketing in recruiting can be beneficial for you. 

Why Should Content Marketing Be Part Of Your Recruitment Process?

Content marketing in recruiting now plays a vital role in order to hire the best candidates. Thus, every hiring manager or recruiter should use content marketing plans wisely. This way, it will allow you so you can generate brand awareness, build candidate relationships & excellent clients. It also helps in reducing your marketing costs. Content marketing in recruiting includes creating content. This way, candidates or clients will be able to find relevant and valuable content. In short, your content marketing in recruiting must be engaging, retentive, and attractive. 

Content marketing in recruiting is not just about job postings. It can also help HR managers or recruiters how they can fix any issues they might be facing. 

Content Marketing In Recruiting: Types 

In this section, I will be telling you the two types of content marketing in recruiting that you can use:

1: Written Content

Writing and posting blogs is one of the most popular plans of content marketing in recruiting process. Blog posts will allow recruiters or hiring managers so they can show off their knowledge and expertise, mainly if they belong to a niche recruitment industry. Written content marketing plans also offer leadership and detailed advice to both - clients & candidates. 

A particular firm's CEO. The manager and other staff members should write informative blogs. This way, it will present a variety of insights as well as angles. Blogs should be posted on a daily basis, at least once a week. This way, your targeted audience will return to your websites in order to check out the latest updates. 

In addition, you may also use infographics. This way, you will be able to give your readers accurate information and statistics in a visual format. As a recruiter, what will you do when you find that most of your readers do not have enough time to read lengthy pieces of text? Infographics are one of the correct solutions because they process the information much faster. There are also other types that you may use in order to showcase your content: these types are brochures, case studies, emails, newsletters, and white papers.

2: Audio & Video

Audio and Videos have also become one of the most important parts of content marketing in recruiting. Audio files such as podcasts are very popular nowadays. Following are some of the benefits that recruiters or hiring managers can have from podcasting:

  • Podcasting gives your brand a human voice.
  • They are able to cover topics your candidates and clients will relate to.
  • They are well known for providing business owners the information about the latest ongoing industry trends. 
  • They also give relevant advice to job candidates.
  • In addition, they share different insights about the firm's work culture. 

Video content marketing in recruiting has also grown in popularity. Keep in mind that you do not need a huge budget or high-tech equipment to produce video. For example, you can make a simple head video. All you need to do is simply speak directly to the camera. This process can be done on your phone or on your laptop. After making the video, you will be able to share it on any platform, such as Facebook. Thus, hiring managers or recruiters should shift their mindset. They need to start thinking like a marketer. Also, they should build a killer plan of content marketing in recruiting. This way, they will be able to boost the candidate's attraction to the firm.  

How To Attract Your Ideal Candidate Via Content Marketing In Recruiting? 

Before creating an effective plan for content marketing in recruiting, you need to have a piece of knowledge about the targeted audience. Here, I am going to mention some of the factors that may help recruiters or hiring managers. This way, they will be able to find the people who will need your services or job positions.

  • First of all, the plan of content marketing in recruiting includes background information. What level of experience and education should the particular applicant have?
  • Now, here is another factor that includes how old they are (candidates)? Where do they live? What is their job title? 
  • What career path would candidates like to follow in X year. 
  • Personality is another factor that tells about their strength and weaknesses.
  • What kind of negative attributes can make an employer say 'No' to the candidate/
  • The process of content marketing in recruiting also includes the abilities of the particular candidate. This section involves academic information, skills, as well as experience.

Essential Steps To Plan Your Content Marketing In Recruiting Process

Here is how you can plan and execute effective content marketing in recruiting process so that you can hire the top talent for your firm. 

1: Specify Your Ideal Candidate

In order to attract the top talent to your firm, you need to know all the important details about your target audience. This is the primary process of planning content marketing in recruiting. You will have to ask yourself what kind of audience do you wish to attract? How would you specify them? You will need to make a proper list containing these kinds of questions that can describe your ideal candidate.

2: Build A Candidate's Journey Map

After describing your ideal candidate, you will need to create a candidate's journey map. A candidate's journey map is a kind of visual showcase of a candidate's journey. Moreover, it helps recruiters to identify the best kind of content that works at every stage of your candidate's journey. Hiring managers will also be able to know how they can showcase their brand across different channels. This way, building a candidate's journey map is also an important part of planning content marketing in recruiting

3: Expand Content Ideas

Content ideas should always be based on your firm's goals and the job role you are recruiting for. Putting your time and efforts into the process of creating a master list of ideas for content marketing in recruiting is well worth it. While starting to create ideas, you have to think about the things that might be attractive to your ideal candidates. Things like company events and industry news. You need to find out what works best for your audience. 

4: Build Your Content Calendar

The content calendar is a written, or digital plan of the exact dates recruiters decide to publish their content. After this, they share it with their audience. If you have a consistent schedule to publish your content, your readers will 100 percent pay attention to your brand. Over time, you will observe that people will trust your website as a medium for industry-related news. This way, building your content calendar is also one of the most important parts of content marketing in recruiting

5: Write & Publish

Now, it's time to discuss the last and the most important part of planning content marketing in recruiting. So, once you have followed the steps above, you can start creating your content. Then you will need to put it out for the world to see. If you want to include a bit changes in your content, go with your current employees. There might be a few members of your team who are willing to write your firm's blog, especially if it is about internal events. You might have hidden resources that can help you plan the overall content marketing in recruiting

Final Words

It's a wrap! Now you know the basics of content marketing in recruiting process. You are also aware of its types. As a potential recruiter, you need to raise your recruitment agency and the entire team by adopting effective content marketing plans today. This is the time when we see a high level of competition among most firms. Candidates will always be attracted to the firm to they can connect their career path. By adopting content marketing, you can do just that. In an easy way, In a crowded market where firms are fighting for talent, your content can be the real differentiator that lets you stand on top of other firms. I hope this blog has helped you in a way that you have expected. For more information about content marketing in recruiting, you may simply visit our website - E Global Soft Services.

Following are the basics of planning content marketing in recruiting process:

  • Describe Your Audience. 
  • Create a Content Calendar.
  • Write Your Content.
  • List the Reasons Your Candidate May Make a Job Change.
  • Develop Content Ideas. 
  • Find Content.

Marketing content in recruiting is content that hiring managers or recruiters should always be creating on an ongoing basis. It answers various questions about working for your firm that candidates always need to have answered before making a change in their career path.

Recruiters or hiring managers can check out their candidates' social media profiles to get a sense of who they are and what they're looking for. Recruiters use various channels in their plans for content marketing recruiting. Content marketing media includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Content marketing in recruiting process is well known to save time and money. The better the content recruiter publishes, the more people will be paying attention in order to find out more about your business.

Following are the four types of content marketing in recruiting that you can use to enhance your recruitment process:

  • Blog Posts 
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics 
  • Video