Why Do We Need Recruitment Tools? (Importance, Benefits, & Types)


Tech has brought a new revolution in the recruitment sector. With the help of technology, recruitment tools are making the hiring process easier. Are you the one who is looking for several recruitment tools for different hiring stages? Then do not skip this ultimate guide. In this blog, we will teach you what recruiting tools are, what is the importance of these tools for hire, etc.

Apart from other things in the specific business, employees are one of the most important assets for the firm. And no doubt, they have the power to make or break all the pillars of the business. That is why all of your hiring plans must be well planned or structured before implementing them. As we know, recruitment is a field that needs a lot of research. Hence, the best research needs the latest recruitment tools.

What Are The Recruitment Tools?

At different phases, there are many recruitment tools available that help recruiters and HR managers so that they can easily manage and streamline the overall recruitment. Recruitment tools can quickly advertise a particular job, attract suitable candidates, screen the applicants, and hire them. These tools are the best supporter of HR managers that helps them till the end of the process. In short, the software or apps used in order to hire top talents to gain benefits and positive outputs ate called recruitment tools

What Is The Importance Of Recruitment Tools?

Do you have an idea how must time a recruiter or an HR manager takes in order to complete a single hiring process? The average time taken by recruiters or HR managers in order to complete the overall hiring process is 42 days. Don’t you think it is time-consuming? Time is money. And according to this, it is time-consuming.

Recruitment tools help recruiters or hiring managers. This way, they can conduct an effective hiring process. In addition, these tools reduce time to hire and cost per hire and enhance the candidate experience, employee turnover rate, and employee retention rate. That is why recruitment tools consider the best hiring solutions. 

What Are The Benefits Of Recruitment Tools?

There are plenty of recruitment tools available in order to hire top candidates. Many recruitment tools provide similar benefits most of the time. Hence, in this section, we are going to figure out a few of the common benefits of these hiring tools. Following are the benefits of hiring tools that generally show how recruitment tools are important and the best recruiting solution in 2022. 

Benefit 1: Saves Time

We know well that technology and talent acquisition tools have been created with the purpose of making human life feasible. This is why, undoubtedly, modern technology takes less time to complete a specific work than human beings. And this tactic is fitted in every single technology, including recruitment tools as well. With the help of these hiring tools, recruiters or hiring managers can quickly process the screening stage of the talent pool. And without any tool, it would be more difficult to complete the process as it will take extra hours and meaningless efforts.

Benefit 2: Reduces Cost-Per-Hire

The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) has recently presented a survey. It is found that the average cost per hire is approx. $4,100. Every recruiter or hiring manager wants to hire an ideal employee with as minimum cost as possible. By investing in recruitment tools, a recruiter can reduce extra expenses. For example, in the talent pool recruiter already has a lot of resumes. Thus, there is no need to conduct the phase repeatedly.

Benefit 3: Expertise

These recruitment tools bring efficiency and expertise to the entire hiring process. The reason is there is one and only automatic feature the best recruitment tool contains the efficiency in order to filter out the potential applicant’s resumes. In the end, the expertise and efficiency of this hiring tool can be easily figured out by its response time. 

Benefit 4: Truthfulness

The well-operating recruitment tools and techniques surely help recruiters so that they can filter out the parameter of accuracy. As we know, robots are more accurate than humans. That is why, without human errors, machines and these kinds of tools work effectively and efficiently with a consistent accuracy level. This benefit helps recruiters and hiring managers in order to enhance productivity and positive results as well with zero mistakes and errors.

Types of Recruitment Tools

Recruitment tools are well known because of their different usage. Hence, in this section, we are going to figure out a few of the common types of these recruitment tools. Following are some of the types of recruitment tools:

First: Testing & Assessment

These recruitment tools are basically used to assess a particular candidate’s ability in the recruiting process. These tools can test a broad array of attributes such as skills, behavioral characteristics, aptitude, personality, and more. HackerRank, Pymetrics, Self Management Group, etc., are some of the examples of these tools.

Second: AI & Automation

These AI and Automation are other types of hiring tools. These recruitment tools are generally based on AI (Artificial Intelligence). That is why these tools are mostly preferred, as these are created by the automated process of hiring. AI & Automation hiring tools can easily screen candidates, enable virtual chat, analyze data, and many more. Textio, Zoom.ai, and Ideal are some of the examples of these recruitment tools.

Third: ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

An Applicant Tracking System abbreviated as ATS is another helpful and one of the most important automated recruitment tools. It is well known in the hiring sector because of its database assistance to hiring managers in talent acquisition. Naukri RMS, Zoho Recruit, and Talent Recruit are some of the examples of these recruitment tools.

Forth: Recruitment CRM

These (recruitment CRM) recruitment tools help the entire HR department throughout the overall hiring process. This way, recruiters or hiring managers can easily build up and maintain a relationship with the applicants/candidates. These recruitment tools are also known as relationship-building tools, as these play a vital role in social recruiting. SmashFly, Yello, and Avature are some of the examples of these recruitment tools.

Fifth: Video Interviewing

These recruitment tools enable the video interviewing process while taking into account several factors. It can be facial expressions, voice tonality, choice of words, and others. HireVue, VidCruiter, and Wepow are some of the examples of these video interviewing recruitment tools

Top Recruitment Tools For 2022


Recruiters and hiring managers love to use ProofHub as it is super simple to manage and comes with highly beneficial management features. This is one of the most usable recruitment tools in the hiring sector that has all the capabilities of an efficient ATS (applicant tracking system), onboarding software as well as a collaboration tool. ProofHub also helps recruiters and HR managers by giving them a secure and central place for storing their important files and documents as well. This way, these recruitment tools help recruiters stay organized. Custom hiring workflows, onboarding, employee life cycle tracking, employee engagement, team events, and analytics are the features of the ProofHub recruiting tool.


Are you looking for an all-in-one recruiting tool that helps you in everything you need to manage talent in your firm? Bamboo HR is the perfect solution for you. BambooHR is one of the advanced recruitment tools that come with the e-signature feature inbuilt. This tool helps firms take one step forward in order to make processes paperless. ATS (applicant tracking system), workflows and approvals, employee records, reporting and analytics, onboarding and offboarding, time tracking, payroll management, and performance management are the top features of the BambooHR recruiting tool.


UltiPro is an award-winning software and one of the most efficient recruitment tools. This tool is well known for its amazing human capital management features. UltiPro is an all-in-one recruiting tool that is generally loved by hiring managers. Also, this software comes with the best-in-class user interface. Recruiting, Ai and Machine Learning, Onboarding, Performance, Management, Payroll, Employee File Management, Compensation Management, Employee Surveys and Sentiment Analysis, Predictive Analytics, And Business Intelligence are the top features of UltiPro recruiting software.

Final Words 

We know that we always need a little path or support to succuss. And, in order to make the hiring process successful, the best recruitment tools are the best way. These tools should be there with recruiters and hiring managers throughout the entire hiring process. Each tool among all these recruitment tools has the power to optimize every single stage of recruiting. The age of AI (artificial intelligence) is around us, and better things are still yet to come into the hiring process. As of now, these recruitment tools are the ones carrying the torch. I hope this ultimate guide has helped in the way you expected. To learn more in this regard, visit E Global Soft Services.

Recruitment tools make the hiring process easier for employers in order to advertise job openings and fill vacant job positions. These tools are created to automate and simplify the job search for candidates and employers. Recruiting tools also help companies in organizing applications and interacting directly with talent.

The three most common types of recruitment tools are candidate relationship management (CRM), applicant tracking software (ATS), and interviewing software.

A recruitment CRM (candidate relationship management) system is one of the most advanced recruitment tools that allow hiring managers to build and maintain relationships with job candidates while at the same time managing the entire recruitment process. The idea behind a CRM recruitment tool is to treat candidates as if they were customers.

An applicant tracking system abbreviated as ATS is defined as a software solution and one of the most efficient recruitment tools. This tool helps in managing all hiring needs and, in turn, serves as a data bank for all hiring processes. ATS software has become one of the go-to solutions for recruiting to save time and resources.

Sourcing tools are also known as recruitment tools. These tools are basically software apps that help recruiters or hiring managers to find potential candidates by searching through resumes, profiles, or other data about candidates. Sourcing tools might also help with collecting information about candidates and contacting them.