Volume Hiring: Ways To Improve Recruiting Tactics In 2022


High volume hiring is quite a heavy task to do in a time of great resignation where most employees are quitting their jobs at high records. The recruiting leaders and HR managers are supposed to respond to the labor market in order to attract top candidates. Firms are looking to expand themselves as we know global economies are slowly reopening. You must know that the past hiring plans have become outdated. Do you want to succeed in digitally transforming your firm's operations? If yes, then you must go with talent intelligence which is an important tool. This helps to level up your application process along with the candidate's experience. In this blog, we will be teaching you important tactics of volume hiring so that, as a potential recruiter, you can be set off to a great start. 

What is Volume Hiring? 

As a recruiter, when you need to hire many employees in a short period, this process is called a high volume hiring. When a firm gets a brand-new project, or they are about to start a new department or set up their firm's branch in another location, here volume hiring process arises. Most of the time, volume hiring can be described as hundreds of vacant jobs available at a time. However, we know that it all depends on the size of the firm and how many jobs are available. 

Volume hiring often happens either with a quickly growing firm or a new store opening. High-volume hiring is totally different from normal hiring. High-volume hiring requires a big group. This way, the stress may get multiplied. 

Challenges Of Volume Hiring 

The hiring volume is the same as the regular hiring process. But it is ten times stressful. So, let's explore some of the challenges that recruiting leaders or hiring managers can experience throughout the volume hiring process.

Challenge 1: Lack of Time

Generally, the average job opening will receive more than 250 applications. At the same time, the average time to hire a candidate is around 39 days. You might have seen that it takes plenty of time just to find the ideal employee for a single position. As a potential recruiting leader or an HR manager, you combine all the important elements of a standard hiring process. These elements include a large number of applicants, telephonic interviews, in-person interviews, personality tests, background checks, skill tests, etc. you will realize that doing all of these for around 50 job positions could take months. Therefore, lacking time is one of the biggest challenges of the volume hiring process for recruiting teams or HR managers, and this needs to be solved as soon as possible. 

Challenge 2: The Method of Sorting Application 

You might have to experience standard job applications nowadays. Job seekers have to feel a form along with attaching a resume with a cover letter. Going through 250 job applications in a day can be quite a tough task. Just think about reading and sorting plenty of resumes attached with cover letters. A recruiter just takes a few seconds to review a single resume. Because the truth is that handling all this stuff is very tricky. 

Challenge 3: The Proper Management

There is a situation where a firm is getting 50 applicants per job opening. Another is 50 openings with hundreds of applicants per job. There is nothing for comparing about for both situations. In the first situation, a single Excel sheet and a few folders can sort this out. But in the latter case, sorting hundreds of applicants from a long list means a total struggle for the entire HR team. A recruiting leader or an HR manager is very likely to lose a great and a potential candidate somewhere in a lot of applications. As a solution, you can try using an ATS or a CRM in order to hire top talent.

Tips & Tricks to Make Volume Hiring Process Easier

In this section, we are going to tell you a few tips and tricks that can help a recruiting leader or HR manager in order to hire top talent. Make sure as a potential recruiter you are adopting these tips and tricks to make the volume hiring process easier in the way I am mentioning below:

  • You might have noticed a trend in finding suitable candidates in a specific area. If this is the case, you should go where you are actually finding top candidates, whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, job fairs, or career centers. As a recruiter, you have to be sure in order to target the areas you know you will be candidates in.   
  • You should be aware of your online process to hire candidates. It should be user-friendly and easy to approach. If your volume hiring process is not like that, it can be confusing and time-wasting for the candidates. That means they could feel irritating if they have to go through such an annoying job application process. You need to try to minimize your online job application process into a one-click system. This process should include a few questions and text boxes that are pre-populated.
  • Suppose you do not have any idea for candidates to apply through mobile apps. It is very important to go ahead and implement this as soon as possible. Your mobile apps must be mobile-friendly because sometimes, applying for a job via a desktop is not always suitable for those who are currently working. That's why you should have a mobile-friendly website that can be used easily by anyone out there from anywhere, anytime, on a handheld device or smartphone.
  • Make sure you are taking a look at previous candidates that could be a good fit for the particular available job position. In order to achieve the best volume hiring process, you should rediscover previous candidates if your firm has a talent pool.
  • To level up the high volume of hiring, you should use an up-to-date ATS (applicant tracking system). This way, it will be helpful for you to screen a lot of resumes at a time, and you will not need to spend plenty of hours trying to find an excellent fit for the particular job position. Especially when you need to hire a lot of employees at a time, you must do whatever you can do in order to shorten your overall volume hiring process
  • Your volume hiring process should be effective as well as productive. But unluckily, a volume hiring process can contain a lot of time-consuming tasks such as long phone calls and so on. Simply do what you can in order to save your time for effective and productive tasks. This way, you will be more involved in dealing with potential top applicants among hundreds of candidates. 
  • You should get an automated system in order to schedule interviews with shortlisted applicants. This will save a lot of time. If you start taking advantage of an automated system that schedules interviews, you save a great deal of time in the overall volume hiring process.
  • Make sure you are taking a look at your employer's brand. If it is well known and attractive, it will surely do some of the best recruiting work for you. This is how this tip can work in order to level up the volume hiring process.

The Role of Tech in Volume Hiring

An online hiring system for top talent helps you make things more manageable by automating the underlying processes. Here we will discuss how an online hiring system would help the volume hiring process in order to select top candidates within a short period. Whether it is about hiring one employee or many, you need to practice the same amount of due diligence. Look at the below points to know how the online hiring system, or you can say the tech system helps you in volume hiring and allows you to stay on top when it comes to hiring.

  • Tech helps hire candidates in bulk, which means that the firm must advertise their job vacancy on all major job-related platforms, social media, and online job boards to attract suitable and top candidates.
  • Tech helps in providing modern online hiring software. This software allows recruit4ing leaders and HR managers to create role-specific screener questions. These screener questions can help in saving time by allowing the recruiter to reject the applicant that does not fit the role very quickly.
  • The modern tech provides us with an online hiring software that enhances the efficiency of volume hiring efforts and reduces the time-to-fill metric.

Final Words

Volume hiring is a challenge nowadays, and we all know that. It is really an actual test of your marketing and its plans. In the blog above, we have discussed all the important aspects of volume hiring. We have discussed all the essential tips and tricks in order to level up your volume hiring in a better way and start attracting top candidates. Start using an online campaign in order to get more quality candidates as faster as you want. We at E Global Soft Services can guide you there. So, do not delay and contact us in order to get the best services to level up your volume hiring process.

Volume hiring is a process of hiring multiple candidates in a short time in order to fill similar roles. Generally, entry-level positions with a low barrier to entry require multiple hires. This way, applicants find the position attractive, and they feel easy to grab the offer. High-volume hiring is common in hiring industries such as retail and hospitality, where employees do not need much experience. Volume hiring is different. Automated data for sourcing candidates, automated emails, easy follow-up, interview schedules, etc., make the job easier.

Following are the best four recruiting plans that should be part of your high-volume hiring needs:

  • First of all, create a "candidate-first" job application process.
  • Do not forget to speed up your sourcing with talent rediscovery.
  • Always use technology in order to automate resume screening. 
  • Go with the recruiting metrics in order to find shortcuts.

High-volume hiring always seems like a challenge. You either need to hire a lot of top talent in a short space of time, or you have a large number of applicants, or both. As a benchmark, the average job advert receives 59 job seekers' job applications, whereas a high volume hiring position receives over 250 applicants.

Following are some of the challenges mentioned below that are faced by every firm that hires their candidates through high volume recruiting process:

  • A large number of applicants.
  • Phone interviews.
  • Personality tests.
  • In-person interviews.
  • Background checks.
  • Skills tests.

Follow the tips below in order to hire a large number of employees via high volume recruiting:

  • Assemble a team.
  • Build a creative plan.
  • Clearly define what you want.
  • Increase your sourcing network. 
  • Use technology efficiently.
  • Effectively create a structure for your interview process.
  • Ensure follow-up calls.
  • Plan your onboarding process